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Bring Forth the Light!

God is with and within us... Emmuel... A prayer in music “And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age”

Thank you!

Blessed my day! Such a wonderful rendition of such a wonderful song....Notes flowing like a cool drink of water. Thanks .

compelling arrangement ... thank you

This is by far the most beautiful, stirring rendition of "O Come, Emanuel" I've ever heard. Almost brings tears to one's eyes - seriously!

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Couldn't agree more.

Absolutely beautiful. Thank you to all involved in producing this gift for us followers of Krista Tippett. And it looks like you're the one who should take a bow Trent ! It's only the superb kind of stuff that we have come to associate with On Being. Happy Christ mas.

oh, my.....


Thank you for this. Beautiful way to start this Wednesday morning.

Sublime. Music has no religion; perhaps that is why fundamentalists, of all hues, attempt to suppress music.


I'm a fundamentalist and I/we don't supress music. We sing all the time, and I find this beautiful. In fact one of my earliest memories is of walking down the aisle at my church as a child, in candlelight and singing O come O come Emmanuel. And you're right. It's not about religion. Its about having a relationship with God who loves you. Merry Christmas!

Thank you.

Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss...Bliss.

very moving


Thank you, beautiful...

Absolutely beautiful. Wonderful rendition of a classic. What great sound.

Oooo Moma well look whats been done, you can only see the stars after a setting sun.

Hauntingly lovely.

beautiful and moving

a blessing to my day...

Lovely! Where was this recorded?

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I have no idea, Lisa. Epcot Center? (just kidding) I'd love to find out but couldn't immediately find any information in the extras section.

From the comments on the Piano Guys FB page, it looks to be a movie set in Goshen, UT. The set was built for a movie the mormon church was making. And, since the Piano Guys are mormons, no surprises there.

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Ah, thanks for the information!

Thanks for featuring this. Will have to show it to my boys. My 9 year old (plays piano) and 12 year old (plays viola) are big fans of these guys. Even though the boys are not allowed to indulge in any media during the week, I let them watch The Piano guys videos on YouTube couple times every once in a while. :)

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The Internet isn't all bad! ;)

So, peaceful and beautiful is like being on Heaven.

Amazing and inspiring,,,, a brilliant rendition - bravo!!!!!

I wept.

Beautiful rendition in a setting that is extraordinary and worthy of the music and the musicians.


Beautiful! Thanks for 5:34 minutes of peace in my day.

Very beautiful and moving!

Rejoice! Rejoice!
Just when I decided not to listen to any more Christmas music unless it came as a suprize.
This is what I've been waiting for.
Emmanuel, come, come, come...

Baruch Hashem Adonai

Beautiful! Touched my soul. Thank you!

Thank you for a transporting listening experience! The waiting, the longing evoked in this playing spans the ages.

Many thanks, for this beautiful offering.

Deeply moving.

The church setting, the arrangement with the beautiful obligatos, the perfect performance make this a spine-tingling listening experience. The manner in which the simple song is developed make me wish it were available for purchase. If it is please let
me know!

Insanely, blessedly beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

How stirring a presentation of this song so close to the hearts of so many in the Season of Advent. Thank you for posting this video! Blessings for the Season of Light!
n of Lights and Expectation!

Exquisite! Takes my breath away...Blessings of this Season of Hope.


What a way to remember what the season is about -beauty and love.

Sublime! Thank you.

Has always been one of favorites... but never performed so well and with so emotion...

Absolutely gorgeous.

Very soothing.

From a Unitarian Universalist.....this is exquiste!

it opens the heart
lifting and soaring,
the vibrations carry so passionately
so tenderly.
Deeply spiritual.

we live for beauty

Such beautiful reaches to one's soul.

Beautiful! Thank you.

So inspiring and beautifully presented

Wonderful sound and harmony. Heavenly

An arrangement of this carol for the ages - love the sparse pairing of cello and piano!

More beautiful than words can say!!!

This really soothes the soul. It's so good to pay attention to Advent now; it's not time for Christmas yet, please.

I love this hymn, too! But the traditional words can create obstacles for those of us who are trying to be in thoughtful dialogue in the Jewish and Christian communities. The Center for Christian Jewish Learning at Boston College has a lovely reworking of the lyrics that is much better. You can download it for free here:

Beautiful. Thank you!

Awesomely beautiful....thank you for this gracious gift!


Such ineffable beauty! Almost gave me goosebumps. The simplicity of the combination added to the effect.

What a beautiful expression of the longing in each human heart for the Love and Joy that only God can give. And the location - amazing! Austere, ancient suggests Rome or Jerusalem. On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, this is a beautiful gift to Our Lady.

so beautiful!

Thanks, Doug.

So hauntingly lovely. This arrangement seems to me to contain not only the Christian longing for the Messiah's return but that ancient Jewish longing for the coming of the Messiah as well. When music is properly arranged, it truly can speak -- words are not even necessary. What a blessing this is -- what better way for me to begin the 2nd Sunday of Advent.

Incredibly Beautiful ~ Thank You

A perfect Advent meditation. Thank you.


So beautiful

Rejoice.. REJOICE! God with us, among us, one of us, comes to us; and his reward is with him.

this is magnificent. How can I share it with musician friends? L x

Exquisitely beautiful!
Thank you.

At first I was singing the lyrics in my head but then became lost in the music. The musicians are absolutely brill and have done a magical version Peponi/Paradise (should be on YouTube). What a stirring piece of music and it made me weepy like all Christmas carols should!

Like the line in the song says... Rejoice, rejoice! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Magnificent !

This is beautiful, so contemplative, restfull and full of spirituality. Thanks.

Beautiful. It will impact how I listen to this hymn from now on. I will hear the plaintive cry of the cello, and the waterfall accompaiment of the Piano.

This is marvelous - I had to listen a second time with the Christmas version, and It was soothing. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece.

This touches your soul and brings one peace----such talented musicians ! Thank you!

lush and evocative. I am not Christian but this is utterly moving.

Beautiful! Sending this to my seminarian son.

Such a healing work of art. Thank you. xo

Exquisite! A perfect rendition of this beloved melody.

in a word - F A B U L O U S!

Stunningly beautiful. Many thanks.

Truly beautiful rendition. Thank you for this gift, showing me of how wonderful our God given talents are when we share.

Such a powerful rendition!

Absolutely beautiful and so moving ...........just like our EMANUEL ! ! ! !

the best I've heard this season. Soulful

Everything about this performance is exquisite. It brought tears to my eyes and reached me more than I can describe with words. Thank you so very much.

The physical location is a movie set? It truly looks more like a castle or fortress that contains a chapel or church...Yes, it looks pretty clean for a many-centuries old edifice and grounds, but....

May God's light continue to shine, and to be accompanied by this music, a gift of the angels given through this wonderful duo.

I am an atheist (formerly catholic), and a pianist myself. I have tears in my eyes as I listen to this duet . Music transcends all belief systems, and is an emotional experience that everyone around the planet can share.


I'm completely melted! Thanks


I am listening to this with my beloved whose health is failing... He is at peace listening to these exquisite sounds... And so am I.

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Jeanne, I wish him and you a most peaceful holiday season. Thank you for writing.

Heartbreakingly beautiful

Forgive my adolescent inclinations (I'm 45) but this sounds like an incredible intro to a rock song. Andrew Lloyd Weber - Jesus Christ Superstar?You find God where you least-expect...

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Ah, if only Freddy Mercury were alive today. The theatrical rock opera this could be...!

........just listening to this now, on December 15th...........such solace for the soul after the horror of yesterday........

Wow! That's all that comes to mind. WOW! Thank you for sharing!

I love it!

Thanks for sharing something of such beauty, and the promise it holds.


After the events of this week - this is my prayer.

Very beautiful. and so lovely to hear this combination and in this setting... I really enjoyed this..

Thank you. God bless you.

Simplicity brings for complexity.

Thank you for the beauty of music!

Just beautiful

Just lovely. Uplifting.

This brings peace to my soul--and hope for a less violent world,

How nourishing to our souls. Pure gift...
Thanks and Blessings.

A soul stirring rendition of a beautiful song.

Beautifully done, soulfull!
Thank you!!!

This is absolutely prayerful and beautiful. Thanks!
Will play it each day during Advent.

A beautiful arrangement of one of the most moving songs of Christmas. Thank you.

We need more beauty like this in our world!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful piece of music. It made my heart ache and bloom at the same time. Thanks.

A real joy to listen too. So soothing, peaceful and very moving. Most up lifting.

Fantastic and beautiful to listen to

This was spectacular. One of my favorite Advent hymns! Sheila

a beautiful rendition ! Thank you

magnificant I needed that so much....thank you
musically and visually stunning

Christmas to me means loving and giving. Being humble and patient with those who might irritate me. God bless all. May this year be the year of peace and reconciliation. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones AND a Happy New Year.

"I Am the Alpha and the Omega!" (Rev.1:8) Beautiful ! Thanks!

Thank you so very much for this inspiring piece. I can't put into words how beautiful it is.

Absolutely beautiful music.

I'm in.

Utterly divine.......

God-given talent used to praise Him and uplift us. Thank you. And thank you, Peg, for sharing.

Gratitude and love fill me as I listen to such a beautiful piece.

Breathtakingly beautiful!

Thank you all for the work you do On Being. It is a gem of a program.

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Most welcome, Esther. I was so happy to have a forum to share this wonderful performance!

Nice. Please fix the typo in the caption - two m's in Emmanuel.

Thank you this was simply beautiful.

Absolutely Beautiful

Rejoice rejoice how captivating. Exquisite


God and the Divine are perceived through the rendition of our music. The better half of human nature is accessed.

Beautiful and soul stirring, thank you.

Lovely! Thank you for sharing this.

Christmas is a time for Love, Compassion, Thoughtfulness, Renewal of the Spirit and Peace. It is very hard now days to see all this at one sighting. I however, try to do my best to see this strangers but it's getting harder each year. How the heck did it get to be this wrong?

Peace to all


So beautiful.... Rejoice... we need to be reminded to rejoice.

Through this beautiful performance, Emanuel has come. Praise God

I have come across this on a day of silence over the Newtown tragedy. It seems very fitting at this moment.

o come o come emanuel is my favorite christmas song. i am in search of a cd that plays ALL verses of this song. and I mean all verses. it is too beautiful a song to cut short.

A beautiful rendition to get me into the mood for the true meaning of Christmas.

Beautiful. It goes beyond words. I just thank God I am able to hear this.

This is the most beautiful rendition of "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" I've ever heard!

What an inspiring note to mark the Season welcoming Christ Jesus today!

The Cello seems to 'sing'! This is jus beautiful

This makes me grateful that it has been included as a part of creation. It creates an authentic longing for the very Person we need.


This is a beautiful song. It did bring tears to my eyes.

So pure, meditative, and blessed. Thank you for sharing this.

I'm not the most Godly person in the world but, this brings tears to my eyes, Thank You!
I'm beginning to turn my life around.

Awesome and passionate, rich in writing

So very lovely, thank you!

Just lovely, thank you!

A true prayer expressing the deepest longings of our hearts.

Just what I need at that particular moment...many thanks

very beautiful and moving

That was moving and extraordinary!


An enthrallment of so subtle an alluring mystery as God's desire to be with man....

I was tired when I sat down - after hearing this wonderful version of Emmanuel - I am now inspired. Thank you.

Our congregation sang a verse of this each week during our Advent as the Introit.

replaying this beautiful interpretation after Christmas keeps the light and spirit present...thank you!

Peace and Joy to all!

This is so beautiful and classic!


Moving, poignant presentation.

Where are they playing? It is so beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful to the point of tears.

How spectacular was that? I watched in the week between Christmas and New Year's - a perfect coda to the year. A perfect start start to the next. At times my brain told me I was hearing an orchestra while my eyes confirmed there were just the two playing. Ahhhhh. Thank you for posting this.


It is after Christmas and I am taking a deep breath as I listen to your beautiful gift of, "O Come, Emmanuel". Thank you

I'm at a loss for beautiful...the power of music.

Spellbinding. Intensely moving. The setting indicates timelessness.

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks Krista and the team of On Being! Happy New Year to you all.

Sublime! Uplifting! Thank you


I came, I read this article, I conqeured.

The pairing of my two favorite instruments playing the beautiful Advent hymn is truly a latent gift - thank you!

Exquisitely rendered.

Loved the straight piano and cello version. as well as the setting. I didn't care for the Christmas Version.

i love the music i think it is wonderful !!

One of the best combination I have ever heard!

The accident of finding this post has brigtheend my day


The ability to think like that is aylwas a joy to behold

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I want to run to my cello and hug it, and thank God for bringing me to music and to the cello. Stay open and let God bring you to what you love!! Merry Christmas!