Our recent show on civility with Evangelical leader Richard Mouw elicited many impassioned responses from our listeners, especially on his comments about homosexuality. Some questioned whether Mouw can truly strike a civil tone and see LGBT people as "a work of art by the God whom I worship" while still condemning homosexuality as a sin and opposing laws that would grant the same rights to same-sex couples as heterosexual couples currently receive.

Last Thursday, the Public Religion Research Institute released findings from a poll showing that two-thirds of Americans see a connection between the negative messages that come out of places of worship and the suicide incidence among LGBT youth. The pie chart above illustrates how Americans view the relationship between negative religious messages about homosexuality and the incidence of gay suicides.

This same poll shows that less than one in five Americans believe churches have done a good job dealing with homosexuality. Who feels that they do the best job in handling this issue? I found those results particularly interesting:

"Of all religious groups, white evangelicals are most likely to give their own church high marks for handling the issue of homosexuality. Three-quarters of white evangelicals give their church an "A" (48%) or "B" (27%). Among white mainline Protestants and Catholics, only about 4-in-10 give their church an "A" or "B." Catholics were most likely to give their churches negative marks, with nearly one-third giving their churches a "D" (15%) or an "F" (16%).

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The rulers always need a "divide and rule" option! That is why that stuff was encoded in those books. Homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, racism, anti-semitism... This is Sumerian Secrets 101.

Don't we remember the Pols were fighting against the Anti-Gay bias law a few years ago on grounds that Pulpits wouldn't be able to freely "practice their religion"? Finally, we're waking up!

The Church has been unwittingly complicit to huge divide and rule crimes, just like in the Middle Ages against Millions of Women, and millions of Jews and Muslims, and tens of millions of Indigenous First Nation Americans. Time for another Reformation folks if you really care about your Church!

Please pray to understand that a loving Father (yes, I'm talking God here) doesn't spoon feed us what we desire to hear. He preaches love above all (St. Paul) and that in that love is to speak His Truth that same sex attraction is a cross, he helps us carry that cross if we are willing to walk with Him and seek Him. His burden is easy and his yolk is light. We can live a life of loving chastity according to His plan as married couples are also called to live a chaste life. God created us to be fruitful and multiply; there is no scientific evidence to date that people are born with same sex attraction. Be brave and walk with God; He is waiting for you.

Peculiar research. What's the point supposed to be? Is it supposed to suggest to conservative religious leaders that their beliefs may be unpopular, or bad PR, so maybe they should change them? Or do the researchers imagine random nonexpert, barely informed people can accurately determine whether religious messages increase suicides and so forth?

This is interesting research. I too wonder what the point is of asking people what they think about church teachings in mainstream society. I suspect that many Americans mistake their own biases for religious teachings, especially since only about 40% of Americans go to church regularly, presumably receiving the "teachings" (I got this statistic from the internet, but it is based on a study). I also suspect that, while there is no doubt that there is some hateful stuff out there, religion may just be a convenient scapegoat for social biases.

Look, if the church does not speak out about Gay and Lesbian acts, who will? It's what the church is suppose to do. Just because an organization does not or does support an action does not mean it contributes to any other actions like suicide. The church should be a hospital or a place of refuge for the sick and the delusioned. They should be welcomed in and restored gently (Gal. 6:1). It's not so much what the church says but how it is said and how what the church does affects what the church says. In other words, the church shouldn't speak against what the church promotes. Get it together church folk! We are sending mixed signals. To tell me something is sin then bring the sin to me and make me play . . .I might shoot myself too.

Just because my church teaches certain things about the relationship between a man and a woman and just because I believe in marriage between a man and a woman it is not my place to condem you. I am not anyone's final judge. I may have my opinions and I may vote a certain way but please don't think that everyone who is Christian (even if conservative) hates.

I have not read the entire Bible but I am very familiar with the Four Gospels. I have yet to find the sermon Jesus gave on homosexuality. I have yet to read where he mentioned it at all. Paul seemed to have had a great dislike for gay people. But Jesus? That guy we're supposed to follow? Nope-he didn't say a word.

I cannot speak to the correlation of churches and suicide rates of members of the LGBT community, but having worked as a nurse with AIDS patients, I can attest to the abandonment of my clients suffered by their respective churches. How any religious institution can proclaim the love of Christ and treat their own members with disdain and often hate, is beyond me.
One gay couple was in a loving and committed relationship for thirty (!) years. Both were rejected by their churches and by their families, who were members of these churches. One of the men attempted to call his mother, since she was in her eighties, and he wanted to set things right before her death. When he called, she only had one question, if he was still with "that man". When he told her they have been together for thirty years, she hung up on him.
Very sad. The mean-spiritness of some churches kills the souls and spirits of many LGBT members; I would not be surprised if some were driven to suicide.