Ann Hamilton: A Twitterscript

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 11:01am

Ann Hamilton: A Twitterscript

In January, our host (yes, Krista Tippett) was invited to interview the artist and maker Ann Hamilton. The auditorium at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts was sold-out. With that type of energy, why not live-tweet the conversation? Here are series of small snapshots of their wandering, intimate conversation. I hope you'll get a sense of Ann Hamilton's poetic imagination and how she experiences language, time, and life as a maker.


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Trent Gilliss

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TRENT great job LIVE Tweeting during Krista's interview with Ann Hamilton. I also love seeing a wide collection of Tweets from others during events.

Have you guys have thought about creating custom hashtags to help curate tweets for each guest you interview?
Again, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your work.

Best Regards,

Ann made simple, common sense, that I hope will be added to the lexicon of contemporary art. As a professor I gave up the critiques that were intended to deflate students, instead I empowered them to say what was good about their work. (they got feedback from classmates and me that could lead them to changing/improving that work). Most of all she is the first artist I have heard expressing the concept of the need for the art to identify what it is, that artists don't always know where the end is until they reach it, many people want to think there is no creative process involved in the creative process. Ms. Hamilton was an inspirational guest on many levels.