Trinity Baroque Choir practices Bach at St. Paul's ChapelThe Trinity Choir and Baroque Orchestra rehearse in St. Paul’s chapel.

We’re in New York tonight preparing for tonight’s live event with Hendrik Hertzberg, Serene Jones, and Pankaj Mishra. The subject? Reflecting on 9/11 and who we want to become as a people and a society as we think forward about the next decade. The location?

St. Paul’s Chapel near Ground Zero, a centering place of refuge and aid for rescue workers and volunteers.

Performing a sound check, we got a great surprise: the Trinity Choir and the Trinity Baroque Orchestra rehearsing for their daily Bach at One concert. So, this week’s Tuesday evening melody is a bit rawer, an on-the-ground capture of one of the many other events taking place to commemorate the attacks of 9/11. Bach never sounded so right.

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beautiful doesn't begin to cover it.

Wonderful!  I vote yes on Bach.  And I would hope for some real reflection on the September 11 attacks in other venues rather than simply the usual ones.  Root causes, the scale against other awful losses of life that others (we) were involved in.  Scale, perspective, sadness, possibly the hope that comes from understanding.

I normaly do not like this kind of music - but when I heard this  - well I have replayed it about 50tiems - I don't know - there is somthing so moving so ....... spritual.