"Even if you like living alone, that doesn't always mean you want to be alone."

The author and journalist Lisa Napoli does this thing where she opens her door on Friday nights and throws a "party" in her LA abode. Anybody can come and socialize. It's such a lovely idea and seems like a great way to build relationships and foster community in one's own way.

The sentiment of this idea reminds me of a story theologian Roberta Bondi once told about being involved and showing up:

"I would just find when I came home at the end of the day, I would be so exhausted that I could hardly contain myself. And I would be met at the car, usually, pulling into the driveway by my two children and my husband, who would all come out to tell me all the things that had gone wrong in the day, like the washing machine had overflowed and the rug in the dining room was soaking wet. And I would think, 'Oh, I just want to go back to school.' I would come into the house, and Richard and I would fix supper, and then we would sit down and eat and I would fall asleep with my head in the mashed potatoes. But the fact is that I knew all along that, however it was, it was better that I was there than that I wasn't there, that my family needed me, that being part of a family means showing up for meals. And prayer is like that. However we are, however we think we ought to be in prayer, the fact is we just need to show up and do the best we can do. It's like being in a family."

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Such a beautiful way to create community! At Blisshouse we gather each month for art, activism, spirituality and the rituals of everyday life. On 2/16 we'll be talking about the tv sitcoms of our childhoods and how they shaped us. So many ways to create community.

What an inspired and beautiful idea. People are lonely and they do want to connect - sometimes it's just a challenge to figure out how. I've been living in a new city now for six months and (maybe) I have one friend. This is such a new experience for me, I hardly know what to do about it. Julie's story moved me - I think I need to try something like it.