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I received a message that the survey was closed. Is this so?

I began listening toOnBeing on the radio. Every Sunday as my dog and I were returning home from weekly hikes it jus happened to be on. I was hooked by the questions and dialogue the show offered. Then when I heard the talks with Brene Brown and Tich Nat Hahn I subscribed to the podcast. I try to listen to every show and have listened to that Brene Brown cast at least three times.

The weekly podcast is a breath of fresh air and food for thought in this cynical, harried world.

-I download and listen to episodes online.
-I have trouble with my version of the app crashing, but would like to listen to more episodes in the car through the app.
-I have recently been reading and enjoying the articles posted on the blog.
-I have been proselytizing OnBeing to many of my friends. The website is a nice place to refer them.

On Being is an extraordinary venue that enables me to get out of my head long enough to understand other people are addressing the same concerns as I, while inviting me to dig deeper into my own belief systems to question and/or validate my own conclusions. It is an ocean of perspectives within which to dip, knowing that shortly another gentle wave will lap against my mind, nudging me into a new stream of thought to explore.

Being delivers stories and ideas with a seriousness and intimacy that is rare for any media. The "unedited" version provides a more fleshed-out feel to the conversation. I had a mixture of shredded wheat and bran flakes with some lactose-free milk for my breakfast. Thanks.

…your show is one of the few things that regularly calls me forward in creating, inspires me to look at other readings/listenings..its sourced a painting, now series of paintings in 2009 that continues to unfold, they are more meditations, maybe teachings, on being is part of the wallpaper of life, so intrinsic as my sister, may express appreciation less than it is, so apart of living, unable to imagine 'life' with the dialogs, pulling up relistening to the shows that inspire, the reliability soul will be renewed and heart opened..its the best training ground for empathy and compassion…..thank you, am grateful for the (on going) contribution..

I have listened"religiously" to Tippett from her first shows on air. I now subscribe to the podcasts and listen to the UNEDITED. Fabulous. Valuable. Most memorable:Jean Vanier, Sean Corn, Mlodinow, Kling.

I tend to not enjoy the shows featuring "artists." This is not Tippett's zone. Several artists whom I like their work were not the people I expected them to be. McFerrin, was such an ungenerous person, and his sounds are so generous. Monk, Cash, were not interesting like the divinity/science shows are.

The only interview that put me off Tippett for a few weeks was with David Isay. She stooped to an ingratiating level with a person that ironically did not fit with the StoryCorp image. I was surprised how much I disliked him and disliked Tippett fawning over him. StoryCorp is great but not the creator. Ironic.

Don't get me wrong I like what On Being is doing and look forward to the show weekly.

Keep up the good work.

I first heard On Being in its "Faith" version when visisitinga close friend in the East. It was with Nuland. An hour on Religion and Death! I have listened ever since. I am a Radio Host and apart from my own hunger for genuine conversation embracing all the varietals of our Cultural garden, you nourish my own work on the radio and my making of poems.

As I am visually impaired, I appreciate the ease with which I may click on "Listen" and access your web site in general. I do yearn for some audio blogs, even a few a week, as my yes tire! intend to be more engaged in your comments section this winter. The Atran was compelling and I was moved with how you heard him, got in touch because you needed to know more and let us listen in o your conversation. I have found many of my guests for womenspeak with a similar sense of urgency!

Have you thought of having on over the coming year one or two seminal women thinkers who are also authors. Susan Griffin being one who is unconscionably over looked. It woul She alo saved myd be fascinating to hear her response to Atra's "Enemies"" idea. I did several interviews with her and she is not only vibrantly lucid but deeply open minded and compassionate. Chorus of Stones is a seminal book on the need too humanize our enemies by placing them in the context of their story. She also saved my life when I was given the gift of doing a brief period of counseling with her.

Thank you, oh thank you Christa. I forget my age when I feel apart of your conversation. You empower me! Nancy Ryan .

I listen to your archived programs online. Many of the ideas,the history and beliefs that I hear on On Being are woven into my thoughts my conversations even my interactions with others. Thanks

I listen to podcast soften when I can't fall asleep at night . No, they don't put me to sleep, instead they enrich my awake time.

I listen to Krista Tippett pod-casts on my cell phone often. Think she's a great interviewer, which is definitely an art. Love the show.

As a woman who deals with the challenges of MS, I love listening to the podcasts and the peacefulness it brings me on spending time exploring the interesting interviews. There is something very calming about the way Krista directs her interviews. I have learned so much about faith, life and living. I often share the shows with others. Thank you for giving us a quiet place to stop and listen in a world filled with hurry.

I listen to archived programs online, using my computer. I am often stretching or quilting as I listen. Some episodes are wonderful and inspiring, others rather blah or even poor as the connection between interviewer and interviewee sometimes is wonderful and other times, doesn't pan out.

Your work inspires me to bring light into the world. Thanks.

I love engaging with you guys through Twitter, Podcasts and your blog. I'm deeply influenced by your work. Thank you for your support for Healthcare Leaders Tweet chat when we discussed the work of Dr. Esther Sternberg (The Science of Healing Places). I would have never known about Dr. Sternberg's work without your interview.
The blog, podcast, website, etc combine both function and design. You have set the bar very high for the rest of us. While bias I think/believe that a tweet chat would be another way to for your community to ponder and further reflect on each of your shows.

Thank you,
Lisa Fields

Trent Gilliss's picture

Hi Lisa. Thanks for your encouragement and suggestion. I'd love to hear more of your thinking on how we might best experiment with a tweet chat.

I listen to On Being podcasts while I exercise or clean the house. They are usually inspiring and I find myself mentioning insights or facts gained to various people in my life. I count on Krista to round out my spiritual nourishment, along with taking classes at the Jung Center, attending a UU church, a UU women's sacred circle, wa

The survey is not downloading for me this morning. All I get is a blank page.

I value the opportunity to download transcripts of the varied weekly commentaries. I listen and can refer back to the podcast, but I also make an effort to clear away distractions and listen to the radio broadcast. As now an older person, I like the way this broadcast helps me touch my own identity and relate to others'.