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Shivanika, friend of KanikaAt a coffee shop in Delhi, Kanika thought she was spending just another afternoon passing time with her childhood friend Jo Jo, avoiding the heat and the crush of people outside. But there was something different in the way Jo Jo approached her that day. He had a special question for her: Do you know what is happening to your soul when you die? Kanika had no idea, and that worried her.

Surprisingly, in their twenty years of friendship, Jo Jo, an Indian Evangelical Christian, and Kanika, a Hindu, had never discussed their religions. That day at Costa Coffee though, Jo Jo started a long discussion, scribbling Christian themes and images on the napkins scattered around him. Kanika collected the napkins and poured over them that night in bed.

In the weeks to come, Kanika began talking to other Christian friends and considering a conversion. She knew hardly anything about Christianity and had grown up in a devout Hindu family, but the question of life after death remained unanswered for her.

Now, four years later, at 24, Kanika is at a crossroads. She has become an Evangelical Christian in secret, and her family disapproves of any reference she makes to Christianity.

There are an estimated 24 million Christians in India, or 2.3 percent of the population. In Delhi, less than one percent of the population is Christian; 82 percent are Hindu. Throughout India, Christians have faced violence and had their churches destroyed, but Delhi residents have largely avoided persecution. It is a point of city pride that so many different religions can coexist: Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Christians, and even a small Jewish population. But coexisting doesn’t mean the lines between the faiths are blurry.

Kanika’s parents are not happy with the changes they’ve seen in their daughter. In many ways, their household resembles that of any with a young adult still living at home but testing the limits. Daily life involves regular battles over Kanika’s participation in Hindu worship. Often, Kanika finds herself “not telling a lie, but not telling the truth.”

Recently, her family planned to rise at dawn to join long lines of practicing Hindus waiting to worship Manasa devi, the goddess of snakes, which is thought to cure chicken pox, among other things. Her parents thought it natural that Kanika accompany them on their 5 a.m. journey to the temple, but Kanika resisted. At this point, Kanika is embarrassed and dismissive when she explains Hindu customs.

“Hindus worship the animals, the plants, the trees, the rivers — idols, I mean they would do a lot of crazy things. I do not get what they do and why they do it,” she said. In worshipping Manasa devi, Hindus avoid using heat. They cook food the day before and don’t use hot water. They’ll also leave food in the road as an offering to the goddess. Kanika could barely walk down her street because it was covered with offerings. In her view, it’s all part of “worshipping a weird kind of ugly looking idol.”

At first, Kanika told her mother not to wake her, but in the middle of the night she changed her mind. This would not be a battle she would take on. “I realized I should go with my mom and witness what people do and pray for them.” She secretly told the idols: “‘Okay, people worship you, but you are not God.’”

It had been a long time since Kanika had gone to temple with her family. She stopped practicing in the midst of her conversion. Jo Jo gave her a Bible, took her to his church, the Delhi Bible Fellowship, and introduced her to more Christian friends. When her parents caught on, they limited her contact with her Christian friends. When they found her Bible and a notebook filled with letters from Kanika to God, they threw them away. “It is a difficult thing because you cannot share with them, and they will not even listen to you.” Kanika was saddened, but not deterred.

Kanika’s parents want her to marry a Hindu from her caste, or social designation, the Marwaris, known as business people or shopkeepers. She can choose a man who fits those criteria or they will choose a husband for her. “I do not want to hurt my parents by going against them but I have been praying about it because I want to get married to a believer.” It’s a dilemma, but Kanika is turning to prayer for an answer.

Kanika’s family is devout. Her grandmother attends temple everyday for at least two hours. Her parents go every Tuesday, at the least. They also worship in a special room in their home, filled with images and statues of gods. Before every meal, they take some food to the temple as an offering.

“They would definitely disown me if they knew I was a Christian, ” Kanika said. There are struggles ahead, on both a daily level — whether to appease her parents by going through the motions of Hindu worship — and on a more monumental level — how to marry a Christian of her choosing. Kanika is calm though. “I strongly believe that if you believe in Christ you do not need anybody to depend on…ever. Yeah, he’s our best friend, he’s our first love.”

About the photo: One of Kanika’s fellow Christian converts at the coffee shop who attends the same Bible study group with Kanika.

Emily FrostEmily Frost is a radio reporter and online journalist. She is an Annenberg Fellow at USC’s Annenberg Graduate School for Journalism and an executive producer and host at Annenberg Radio News.

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It is quite natural that her parents would be feeling the pain due to her change of heart to follow JESUS CHRIST, the living GOD.
Thousands of young people are coming to follow CHRIST in India and around the world. Massive conversion is taking place in Iran among the young people, and they are following CHRIST as their Lord and saviour. The parents will have to think at first, their daughter being a follower of CHRIST, is she is a better-peace loving-caring and calm person? As it is written in the Bible
" that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that JESUS CHRIST is LORD." Phil 2:10,11. I pray and strongly believe that her parents will follow the same LORD JESUS. I ,met the same JESUS 58 years back when I was 10 years old, and HE is real and living today.

how unhealthy of a religion to pull away its child from parents, relatives and friends and the very own culture that belongs to you.

I just need one answer - when sikhs, hindus and another few hundred versions of it, buddhists and jains - all could get assimilated yet maintain their path - why is it that christianity and Islam pride themselves in creating an identity that they are different from the rest - when its after all another faith.

We should learn everything from the best - that doesnt mean we should give up ourselves.

Most loveliest religion is Hinduism.. all geniuses of highest order from various parts of world expressed saying that India is the only source for highest wisdom and philosophical values.. Hinduism has everything.. people leaving Hinduism are blindfolded and it is due to their Karma and no one can help it.. There is deviation from what is said by Bible, Purans, Bhagawat Gita, Koran and what is followed practically by humans.. Conversion to christianity is a big business involves lot of money and that is evident from those once penniless now most well known rich pastors.. Leave religion.. Indian has become so low esteemed is ready to do anything for money at any cost.. do the people use their minds before rejecting one and taking up the other? No.. they don't have any capacity to understand the real philosophy of Hinduism.. Like Kanika.. she is so no mature says that she does not like hindu practices and hence changed to Christianity.. sounds absurd.. All sages came and gone by leaving with us some philosophy, wisdom and taught us how to realize god.. People from various parts of the world irrespective of the path they are in or chose finally ends up in putting efforts to realize god... some see jesus, some see shirdi baba, saints, indian gods, some see god as Alla.. not a problem.. There is no need to conversion to any other religion when god realization is not a problem from whichever platform you chose.. If money is not involved then who will do conversion and none will get converted.. Poeple should understand that these converting predators are doing so for a luxurious life.. Many beggars today are wealthy pastors today.. Indian must change his attitude

Yeah I agree with you. Christin missionaries are like spreading violence, they want to convert people by money. We have to fight this evil.

I m join church

You join english classes first.

hehehe, good one

Hi Kanika!
"Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, 30 who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life." (Mark 10:29-30)
God bless you, sister!!

Krishna said said " abandon all religions and just surrender unto me; i will deliver you of all sins and don't fear" chapter 12 verse 66. This was said that supreme lord himself, not by son of God...

Hello everybody. May I suggest that evveryone reads articles written by or for Professor Hyam Maccoby, Profrssor O'Leon, Professor Jeffrey Lang, Dr. Garry Miller, Dr. Laurence Brown and Dr. Maurice Buccile about the religion that they believe in.

Why are people worried about life after death??? Isn't it better to live in the present and do good work and help people?? Religious conversions disturb the social fabric of India. Also idol worshiping is symbolic in nature. One person converted from Hinduism, one more enemy to Hinduism.

Basically equating Hinduism to worshipping snakes... References have been made to Hindus committing violence against Christians in India, and not vice versa? Pure bullshit and ignorant writing.

Silly Girl !!!! Whole story is pro conversion .....i have seen conversion with money.......lured with many things....

Kanika's dilemma is not rare, there are many Hindus like her who are ignorant about their religion and whenever they are confronted by people like Jo Jo who themselves have no knowledge about the religion they are maligning The kanikas get influenced by what they say and become so called believers. It is funny to say the least when two persons talk about a religion which they both know nothing about and conclude that it is no good, thereafter they compare it with christanity which one of them have limited knowledge about and decide to turn believer. It took Kanika no time to read the Bible wherein Jesus himself gets very little to say because more than 50% is about what St. Paul says who was not even an Apostle. Mathew Mark Luke and John contradict each other The genealogy of Jesus is confusing because he is supposed to be born of a Virgin but even that does not match between Mathew and Luke. I am sure Kanika has not even heard about "The Council of Nicea" and how the Bible was conceived and forced on people by Emperor Constantine. I advise her to do some research on the Bible and read The Bhagwad Gita which has all the answers to the questions put forth by Jo Jo then and only then decide on whatever path she wants to follow.

I could hear wailing "Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming" from the neighbor's house. And not just the family, there were other people; unknown voices, who were equally as panicked, or petrified, at whatever was coming in there. A few seconds of silence, and then I heard the trigger-words "your Gods are demons. Jesus is the real God", and that was it for me. I banged at their door hard and swift. Aunt came out in a minute and asked what was the matter. I strongly demanded to speak to the voice which had just not sit out racial abuses to our religion and Gods...He wasn't going anywhere without a beating.

You can still remain hindu and accept jesus.jesus is never about religion.for the son of god died for eveybody ,s sins.nobody can acheive the perfection as jesus even the best christians so claims.jesus teaches about being gentle ,helping the needy,even says to love your enemies. Its giving eveything even if you have nothing left.

Matthew 19:16-26 ERV

A man came to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to have eternal life?” Jesus answered, “Why do you ask me about what is good? Only God is good. But if you want to have eternal life, obey the law’s commands.” The man asked, “Which ones?” Jesus answered, “‘You must not murder anyone, you must not commit adultery, you must not steal, you must not tell lies about others, you must respect your father and mother,’ and ‘love your neighbor the same as you love yourself.’ ” The young man said, “I have obeyed all these commands. What else do I need?” Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, then go and sell all that you own. Give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven. Then come and follow me!” But when the young man heard Jesus tell him to give away his money, he was sad. He didn’t want to do this, because he was very rich. So he left. Then Jesus said to his followers, “The truth is, it will be very hard for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom. Yes, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom.” The followers were amazed to hear this. They asked, “Then who can be saved?” Jesus looked at them and said, “This is something that people cannot do. But God can do anything.”

its a funny world, we are living,people spent more time on researching by reading articles,reviews,consumer reports for buying a good mobile or tv or they can buy value for their money.when it comes to the concept of god,they say well everbody has his own beliefs.
as far as i know there is only two religlions in this world one says to attain god do something, mediate,worship,recite holy mantras,be good person,help,others basically it means save yourself by your own efforts.
but other one says a saviour is given, his name is jesus christ.he is the way,truth and the cannot save himself by his own efforts.

It's a pity that instead of actually reading the Vedas and the Gita and getting to know Hinduism in its true scientific form she took the escape route and simply switched religions as if she were trying on clothes in a mall. The Vedas do not support idol worship, at all ; they ask us to worship elements of nature because they help sustain life BUT there is no emphasis on mindless rituals anywhere. All the rigid, meaningless rituals were practiced by humans which became custom with passage of time." What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" I am a strong believer of Hinduism but only of the original form I and so many people i know never follow rituals they disagree with but we don't automatically dismiss Hinduism as regressive and redundant. Try to get to know the truth first instead os acting in haste. In Vedic times women had property rights, right to speak in public (which even the western countries granted only in 1900's to women), right to education, choose a profession, even undergo thread ceremonies (which is restricted to males now and even that ceremony is redundant with the disappearance of the gurukul system) , gandharva marriages were accepted and popular. Hinduism in its original, true form is progressive, scientific and says a lot about the soul. Its sad no one makes the effort to get to know it these days. Take it from a girl who has studied the Vedas in detail, get to know your religion before taking any drastic steps.

It is more Couregious story for Belivers ;
We are happy to see millions Christians in Our Neighbourshood Country India, increasing day to day Christians in India: ur is good news for all Belivers Globally;
Kumar singh bist
Kathmandu Nepal

Jesus is a son of god that is- true my god my lord

What a wonderful story! Kanika has been translated from darkness into light. May the Lord give her grace, strength, and courage as she lives the new life in Christ! The spiritual battle has already started. I pray that she obeys her parents in all things lawful. However, she cannot serve two masters. Therefore, she cannot go to the temple with her parents to worship Manasa devi, the goddess of snakes. Kanika is now a new creature in Christ, and her devotion belongs only to Christ. Her parents her not happy and there will be no peace within the family because this is the purpose of the gospel. Listen to what Christ said, "Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you Nay; but rather division. For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided...the mother against the daughter and the daughther against the mother..." (Luke 12:51-53). She can no longer walk together with her parents. Listen to this pertinent question, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed'? (Amos 3:3). Kanika going to the temple with her parents is like trying to mix iron with clay! Kanika stay strong and God bless!

A good story to create rift amongst the Hindus. Our religion & civilization has survived 800 yrs of Mughals/ Islam rule & 200 yrs of christian rule unlike romans & egyptians.
Its sad that Christian missionaries & Islamic groups are insecure & want to convert Hindus to their religion. Hinduism doesnt force itself on others unlike what you guys do. Feel sorry for Kanika that she is earching for happiness in other religions when she could have got the same being with her family & being a Hindu. Iam sure that someday she will quit christianity & convert to Islam & then quit Islam & convert to something else. People like her follow a path which ultimately destroys them for good. In the end they remain confused.
TONS of THANX to you for sharing this story. Iam happy to be a Hindu, bcoz I know happiness lies in how i percieve things & not by changing religions. YOUR ARTICLE HAS BEEN AN EYE OPENER & I WILL MAKE SURE THAT I RAISE UP MY KIDS WITH BETTER SANSKAR, so that they dont end up like this poor girl. KEEP on teh good work to help many more HINDUS become aware of the sceret plan going around us to kill Hinduism. <<<<<< This comment was blocked and unpublished because Project Honeypot indicates it came from a suspicious IP address.

In Sanathana Dharma: (Hinduism?)

After the soul sheds its gross body , it still has a subtle body if there is karma left (be it Good or Bad). As long as there is karma , the subtle body around the soul exists and because he has a level of surrender not yet full (still puts sense pleasure as priority) or no hint of surrender to God or is very attached to sensual pleasures the soul continues to have a material subtle body, and for this it has to take another birth in various bodies according to karma and consciousness that it had at the point of death (snakes, humans etc. ) . But the moment a soul surrenders himself Fully to God , Karma is nullified and on ending his existance on earth, the soul is liberated.

The type of liberation depends on the sadhana of the soul.
God according to vedas has three forms: impersonal absolute light - Brahmam, Paramatma - Supersoul who exists along with the smaller baby souls, Purusa uttama -- Bhagavan : if the soul worshipped the impersonal absolute, he would merge with brahmam (what buddhists may call brahma nirvana), if he worshipped paramatma or purusa uttama: the soul would be transferred to vaikunda (The Realm of God) to engage with and serve God in his native form as Purusa Uttama.

The former is a follower of Advaita vedanta in which all forms of gods found in Hinduism are but the one and the same Brahmam. T

The latter, is a follower of the Vishishadvaita, Dvaita or Acintya Beda Beda

If any soul believes he can go to God by a particular method, be it so.

But if a person forcefully converts another who is already on a rightful path to a path not suitable for him/her, that is probably the worst thing to do. I know Christians who follow sanatana dharma and worship God with the help of the Bible and sacred Vedas and related scriptures. Sanatana dharma is not about conversions. Sanatana dharma is ultimately about truth , if a person is really sincere , really surrendered and really loves God, the practices found in sanatana dharma would help him realise God in that very birth. But for this the soul must be total in surrender.

Be it Christianity , Islam , Pure sanatana dharma , the main thing is surrender to God , treating other souls with compassion, to be controlled in senses. Religions are just names.

Hari Hari.

You can talk about the beauty of your religion youcacannot discredit another religion

I haven't come across such a bogus story like this in support of conversion to Christianity. Such a pathetic attempt to convert. I'm hoping that youngsters read through and understand what different religions mean and make an informed choice once they understand what each religious theologies have to say. It is definitely sad that hindu value systems and way of life are not understood properly by people leading to such stupid articles supporting conversion being published.

Proselytization is the Christian equivalent of Islamic Jihad. Period.

It always surprises me at the systematic way in which the Abrahamic religions and their proponents try and discredit the "heathen ones" simultaneously leaving no stone unturned in publicizing and encouraging the "saved ones".

Secondly, the Christian population mentioned in the article is under reported by a huge margin as this does not take into account the population of converted non Christians.

Since the destruction by the British of the Indian education system and forcing of English on the country as well as making English necessary for economic advancement and social mobility, most families have lost their understanding of Hinduism and also do not find the time to do research and teach their children. Also there are fewer and less resourced cadre of organised proselytizers going around trying to convert people into Hinduism. Her description of Hinduism speaks of lack of information , wisdom insights come many many miles after. Hindu folks have to figure out how to bridge this information gap among people and then people should be free to choose their way based on complete information rather than on complete ignorance.

If you give me a few hours with this person I can easily convert her back to Hinduism. It's my challenge. This is a typical IBCD, Indian born confused desi, who doesn't really Hinduism. And best part a lot of these IBCD's are reconverting back.
To know more watch our film "An Indian Jesus" on somebody who did the same miracles as Jesus including the resurrection and lived just 100 years ago in India

Once upon a time, a fool went to his female fool friend and told her, "Your family is crazy. They keep doing crazy sh*t all the time. If you want to find purpose of your life, come to my family. They are the best." The female fool liked what her friend said and went to live with the Fool's family.

Though the poor fool doesnt know yet that the Fool's family is as crazy and stupid like her family.
Only time will tell her.

This article has biased overtones and all religions are dividers.

For the sake of objectivity, why couldn't obtain the perspective of Hindu leaders from America who could explain the significance of the beliefs, rituals, traditional respect and tolerance of Hinduism to Kanika? For example, a Hindu can respect Jesus far more than a Christian can "tolerate" any other religious tradition. Also, there are several irrational elements in Christianity as well(Virgin giving birth, walking on water). That goes with the territory for any religion.

Also, could her embarrassment stem from a need to fit into mainstream culture (friends)?

Try to get your answer from Vedic Texts instead your parents. You would have found all your answers. It's same way for every religion. There will always be plenty unanswered questions. And this is how Christian Missionary operate...

Funniest story I have ever read ! When someone asks about life after death, no other religion explains it as thoroughly and scientifically as Hinduism. What our Ms.Kanika has not done is, find what her true religion speaks about it before accepting what christianity says. Christians can brag only about the bible. But Hinduism has so many books, so many details, so many explanations which give precise reasoning for all our questions and more. Hinduism is the only religion which doesnt take anybody into its fold either forcefully or by brainwashing. In fact, the first thing that is taught in Hinduism is the freedom of choosing your way to reach God. I would encourage all the christians and Islam followers out there to first read about Hinduism and be blessed by the vast ocean of knowledge that it shares rather than being content with just a small lake. Hope Ms.Kanika does that and enlighten her fellow friends too.

Wow Christians have such a Superiority Complex. Kind of Ironic.. considering the fact that its a Desert Religion from Middle East that went on to conquer European Caucasians. Today the White Foot Soldiers are carrying the message of the invaders who destroyed their countries. Phew!! The World is a Blind Place.

The life after death is already mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Most of the people are not aware of it. It is the ignorance of the people that evangelists are taking advantage of. Every other scripture in the world came from Hindu scriptures. Remember that even Einstein praised Bhagavt Gita.

Its all dash dash dash.
any other religious believer can think whatever to other religions.Like she said "you arenot god or not my god" what if I say Christian god is of/for no one.
his place is devil.will you bear it..or wrath will come upon me..
I dare that.
so before making any jokes on other religions please be ready to tolerate on your too.
religion bears inner don't agitate it.
People used to worship Sun,trees and water before the religoins that were founded by persons like Jesus Moses and Muhammad ..
Sanatan Dharm was the only reason or Hindu religion is the only religion without any founder ..
Mind you, Dharm and Religion is two different belief syste,.You can consult dictionary..
And you will not find "Hindu " word anywhere in any books.It was given by some group of people in ancient times (by Mughals,muslims)
There are still people in urban areas even in American land or Australian land that worship fire ,water and sun...
so may it doesn't make any sense ..then it also doesn't make any sense going to church and bowing down to a cross,Jesus.
Hindus are always taught to live in peace and let live others..
We do not try to convert others but you all do.
Our religion is a free religion.Anyone are welcome and anyone can go.
Only our religion let its followers to say "Hindu muslim sikh isaai, sab milke hai bhai bhai" meaning - Hindu Moslem,Sikh and chrsitians ,all together are brothers
We even bow down to Jesus or Allah , we accept their existence as the Messengers but not GOD.
our religion do not stop us to wish you in Christmas and Muhammad day...but you other religious people do not dare, because you are taught in that way !!!
So live in peace not point how i worship and to whom ..and I will do the same...

Conversion to christianity is a big business involves lot of money and that is evident from those once penniless now most well known rich pastors.

Oh god , I feel sad for her . She has left behind a pluralist and beautiful religion that respects everything in nature to one based on hatred for everything not mentioned in Bible. I was born in a Catholic household and had to under go traumatic experiences in Catholic schools under mentally unstable nuns . So i began to question the bible and everything . I realized that millions of people have been killed worldwide by Christians for spreading their religion . Living without religion and just having empathy and compassion for fellow living beings is the best thing.

Kanika escape before it is too late ,before u experience reality of Christianity .

Xtianity is deficient in concrete progress of spiritual experiences, generally comes across as a brand scavenging for consumers & marketing itself in the way traditional commercial enterprises do, which makes it tough to accept. If you are really good at what you claim you will get takers...dont be desperate.

That day at Costa Coffee though, Jo Jo started a long discussion, scribbling Christian themes and images on the napkins scattered around him. Kanika collected the napkins and poured over them that night in bed.

Christan Salesmen are so much like Avon Salesman!!

The kind of Christianity being propagated in India is often similar to the radical, medieval Christianity that was based on performing “miracles” and on hate speech. Most modern Christians in USA have rejected that Christianity, but the obsession for numerical growth in Christian population has become the evangelical obsession. The sole focus is on numbers, not quality or genuine religiosity. Greek thought was appropriated by

St. Augustine and others in order to start Christian theology (prior to which Christian historians admit that the Bible lacked philosophical content), and yet the very same Greek society was condemned as “pagan” and finished off. This as a form of arson: the arsonist robs the bank and then burns it down to hide the evidence. The Christian West has perfected this type of activity over the centuries: appropriate and simultaneously destroy the source.

Mahatma Gandhi lashed out against Christian missionaries numerous times because they linked their social work to conversion. Christians who are genuinely motivated must provide unconditional help from one human to another.

Before saying Christians are facing violence in India, please do your research. What is your take on the following links:

India is one of the most tolerant places for any religion in the world. We had our doors opened for the Jews when the whole world was discriminating against them. For your knowledge, from within Hinduism several religions evolved like Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism etc. and still it was all accepted whole heartedly by the people of India. Explain to me how in your story Mr. JoJo convincing Kanika to go to Church and know about Christianity is different from her parents asking her to go to the temple. Please leave it to the freedom of people to choose their religion rather than writing articles with the maligned intentions of changing a society's belief system.

I agree . However the problem is Hindu today does not bother to teach its children about the VALUE of DHARMA as they have other prior tasks , to which these missionaries take advantage of .
I wish this Girl and other converted should listen to SWAMI VIVEKANANDA speech in WORLD religious parliament .
It good to be born in Church but terrible to LIVE and die there.
These missionaries tend to defame innocent Hindu saints to make innocent Hindus feel Guilty but never show the dark side of actual Rapist PRIESTS in Church..
Christianity came from word Krishna , we love krishna , they copied the principle and love Jesus.. Such ancestries of missionaries never respected Jesus when he was alive and now just to be dominant on his name , making audience Fool.
Money is the POWER for sure..

In my place there are a lot of christian people who pray for Hindu Gods and vice versa. whats the big deal here. moreover all the missionaries in my area are converting people bribing and by force. Which is enough reason to stay away from that religion.

At hone the parents must tech their children the value of Hinduism. Then Ksnikas will not leave Hinduism.

Hinduism is the best way of life to live on this earth. Hope she gets a good hindu partner in future and soon get away from this cross minded JOJO. I think JOJO himself doesn't know the truth about his life.
Don't know about JESUS but NATURE GOD will surely make him aware about his wrong doings.

Fooling around with these stories of conversion's.

Hinduism is biocentric way of life not religion. And hence we pray animals, rivers, mountains etc bcoz hindus firmly believe earth is not only for humans. Those who dont know Hinduism ofyenly fall in trap of conversions bcoz hinduism is not a book oriented religion like christanity or islam. We hindus consider book oriented religion as sect which has prophet or jesus who spread good teaching.while hinduism covers all aspect of life it is most scientific religion if you try to understand otherwise like many westerners indentify as just curry caste cow!! This perspective we called as frog in small ponda. According to famous research in united states they said that 24% of american Christian practices yoga, read vedas and turn to vegetarian. Hinduism is not about just going temples praying snakes its more then that you ever imagine. Due to last 1200 years of foriegn invasion indian hindus lost what vedic culture was. Every basic invention of world which is base for modern invention found in hindu scriptures. We know earth is round and circles around sun before jesus was born. Jesus has taken teachings from Himalayan budha monk. And for your information buddhism is modified verson of Hinduism. We consider budhh as 9 th incarnation ofvishnu.

A typical Christian script for conversion... demean Hindu culture, abuse Hindu Deities by seeing through coloured and biased lenses, and so on and then finally offer Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World and you. I have no problem with the last bit, but these so called "Christians" themselves don't follow their own religion, especially the Ten commandments... I see in England many churches are abandoned by the youth. The Hindu girl's story can also be used to describe situation of any Christian English girl. The article can be best described as Blind leading the Blind.