During our trip to Emory University this past October, we sat in on several conversations between the Dalai Lama and leading scientists. We tweeted some of our favorite comments and now are aggregating them into this transcript:

  1. Excited to be able to tweet scientists (including R. Davidson + Frans de Waal) discussing the latest research on mindfulness with @DalaiLama
    8:33 AM Oct 18th
  2. @DalaiLama conference and had been joking about buying HHDL swag. It ends up there’s a Tibetan Bazaar setup in the lobby!
    8:57 AM Oct 18th
  3. Autistic children yawn as much as other children, but they do not have yawn contagion - Frans de Wall http://is.gd/g6N2N
    8:59 AM Oct 18th
  4. “If you look at Blair and Bush, each time Blair went with Bush to Texas he would walk like a cowboy” - Frans de Waal on human mimicry
    9:01 AM Oct 18th
  5. To get from empathy to compassion, you have to be able to get past the intense emotion empathy creates. - Frans de Waal
    9:21 AM Oct 18th
  6. Davidson shows just two-weeks of compassion practice makes someone behave more altruistically. http://is.gd/g6PZc
    9:42 AM Oct 18th
  7. Compassion is taking empathy into action. - Richard Davidson
    9:43 AM Oct 18th
  8. 6 weeks of loving-kindness meditation improves body’s vagal tone: controls heart rate + creates positive emotions to others -Dr. Fredrickson
    9:57 AM Oct 18th
  9. Science is starting to show the more we love, the healthier we become at a physical level…perhaps also at a wisdom level. -Dr. Fredrickson
    9:59 AM Oct 18th
  10. Mother crocodiles will come to defense if their babies are in trouble…but turtles are not that way - @DalaiLama
    10:20 AM Oct 18th

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