Revealing Ramadan: 30 Days, 30 Voices [mp3, 4:28]

Samar JarrahOur opening voice on this first day of Ramadan is Samar Jarrah, a Kuwait-born Palestinian-American who says there is no better place to celebrate Ramadan than in her adopted country of the United States. She eloquently captures a sentiment that we hear from many foreign-born Muslims who have immigrated to the U.S. — that being a Muslim in America is to practice and to know her faith in a way she would never have discovered while living in predominantly Muslim countries of her family, whether it be in Kuwait or Jordan or Egypt.

And, she expresses such joy and delight in discovering Islam anew. You can hear it in her tone. She’s still excited, and it’s been more than 20 years since she moved to the U.S. Hearing her story about rushing back from the Middle East to celebrate Ramadan in her adopted country is a testament of what this country has to offer even in the midst of some controversial debates.

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Look, the religious life -- any religious life -- is alternately luminous, stultifying or dull. Such is life. Focusing on one spiritual path's ups and downs is pure politically correct gratuitous advertsing. Ask a fee, let us know that you had, and then let us go on with our own spiritual practicies, if you will.

Always nice to see someone who is rediscovering their faith in different contexts.

This is a wonderful way for us to share with and understand better our Muslim brothers and sisters. I am grateful for the opportunity as a Christian to be inspired by this holy practice and Iook forward to learning from this blog each day.