It was after midnight when, after archiving the day’s worth of interviews, I was kept awake by the barking of dogs in the neighborhood. There are a lot of dogs down here and they, too, are social characters in the community — with or without homes. Each county in Alabama is required by the state government to have an animal shelter and Hale county, until recently, was without. Rural Studio just completed this lovely new facility and is waiting for the county to sign off on the funding for the operating budget. The design is very cool, in every sense of the word. It is a box-like structure set within an arched shelter, almost like a train station. A gentleman we spoke with a few days ago recalled that on a recent 100+ degree day, that shelter was really comfortable. Later today we will be visiting the Akron Boys/Girls Club which has a very similar design and we hope to have someone explain the design approach and considerations. This will be the last entry about dogs, I promise.

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