Watching singer Stevie Wonder’s acceptance speech of the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, I was struck by the tenor and natural way he spoke about his faith and invoked God’s name.

“But what’s really exciting for me today is that we truly have lived to see a time where America has a chance to again live up to the greatness that it deserves to be seen and known as, through the love and the caring and the commitment of a president, as in our president, Barack Obama.

It’s exciting ‘cause I know my children will be able to say, ‘I was born when there was the first African American president. Yeah, I can do that too!’ But not only can they do that, but all children of all various ethnicities understand that they can speak in truth. They can talk about loving and caring about this country. They can talk about being a united people of the United States of America. They can live that dream that Dr. King talked about so long ago.

And if those in this country and throughout the world — you can put down your spirits of hate and open up your hearts to receive God’s ever commitment of love, then we can be a united people of the world. If we can think that big, and feel that strong, then I believe, as is said to me by my God, impossible is unacceptable. We don’t know the miracles that will be bestown on us because of that.”

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Stevie Wonder's comments didn't surprise me at all. He has always had a deep and abiding spirituality that infuses his music. Starting with Fingertips' Part 2's gospel-tinged riffs to songs like "Higher Ground," "As," or "You Will Know,"he has always been in conversation with God or talking to us about God's presence in our lives.

I agree. I had known that, but when he spoke it was so natural. It was refreshing to hear a person of such notoriety not sound artificial as if going through the motions. Thanks for the song recommendations too; I can't wait to listen to them again with new ears.