This “Pic of the Day” from The First Post is one of the more ethereal images I’ve seen in some time. Yeah, I know, it’s from late December but my consumption of the RSS feed occurs incrementally.

Kome Loy are lightweight lanterns that act like a hot-air balloons. A small bowl containing oil and a cotton cloth is centrally anchored to the lantern’s edges. When the oil starts burning, the hot air fills the paper envelope and rises into the air. Before launching the lantern, a person prays for the bad luck to be carried away into the sky.

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Home-made UFO's
Kate Moos, Managing Producer
This image reminds me of the UFO's we used to make when I was a kid, out of 30 gallon trash bags, drinking straws, and birthday candles. The candles were anchored on the straws, and once lit, they filled the plastic bag with hot air, which, on an evening of light wind, would be carried aloft and drift away through the night sky, making an eery appearance from below. UFO's. Hmmm. Now there's a topic SoF hasn't yet treated!