—Mike McCullough, from his interview with Krista

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Trent - just a quick comment about Forgiveness... intriguingly, the word for 'forgiveness' in Irish is 'maithiúnas' which literally means 'gooding'. So, if I were to say to you 'forgive me', I'd say 'good-me'. The same word 'maith' is used for thanks, goodness and forgiveness... I think there's something fascinating in this etymology - perhaps that forgiveness is linked with human dignity, human goodness - and it recognises that someone who hurts another is returned to their own goodness by a gift from the one who they hurt...
Other celtic languages also have the same idea - in both Welsh and Scots Gaidhlig the word for goodness and forgiveness is the same. Intriguingly though, in Scots Gaidhlig, the word 'mathanas', while meaning both goodness and forgiveness, also means 'manure'. I manure you not. When I mentioned this to a Scottish man in a group this year he replied, with typical Scots sardonic wit and speed "it's good for growth".
And on that fine note...