Brian Lehrer interviewed Krista for his daily program on WNYC this morning. As a listener, I was appreciative that he read her book and asked open, insightful questions. (Sure, I’m guilty of being a little bit protective since I work with her. *grin*)

The interview generated some engaging — and sometimes loud — discussion on their Web site. You can listen to the mp3 and weigh in if you’d like. We’d like to read your comments or pose some questions you would’ve liked to have asked.

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Ugh, I read through a couple of the comments on the WNYC page and realized why I don't go around on Web fora/forums. People end up trolling and debating totally ad hominem. Plus, people are constantly looking to pick fights. Honestly, they might as well have just done a one-word post -- "God." -- and see what happened. People start having the most outrageous debates based solely on the presence of that word.