This is one of the signature public structures built under Sam Mockbee’s direction in 2000. The chapel was intended to serve as a community center for a bookmobile and traveling medical care, and a gathering space for prayer and fellowship. But now, I’m not so sure.

The structure and its companion piece across the clay and gravel road are maintained, but they don’t appear to be lived in. Where the glass wall of overlapping car windshields once used to welcome passersby, now lurks an older mobile home. The rammed earth walls have held up remarkably well. What I didn’t expect to see is the lush, tropical plants and flowers that now line the interior passageway and the front.

After the long wait to see the Glass Chapel though, it was well worth it. Pictures seem to grow its peak by 30 feet. It’s much smaller, and much more intimate than that. Human scale factored in and provides a sense of awe and serenity. Take a walk through it.

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