In our interview for next week’s show, the very thoughtful scientist/author Jon Kabat-Zinn has intriguing and provocative things to say about the pressures and possibilities of aligning our “Stone Age minds” with 21st-century digital realities. But he also says: “This is far too serious to take too seriously.”

The most godly people I know have a sense of humor even about the most important things, and I’m convinced God does too. And that is my far too serious justification for posting two very funny Facebook takes on Passover and Easter, the holiest of holidays being observed simultaneously this week. Be blessed — and enjoy.

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Speaking of which, I recall a quote that I heard, attributed to Mother Theresa, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

"What would Jesus Facebook" is going viral.

These are so funny! Thank you very much for the links. I needed a good laugh.

I have had a college radio show since 1979. So often the mood gets spiritual or just gets jazzy and the perfect song comes to mind and I think ", wow, that would be like soaring even higher!"so I run to find the # then run to
find the album before the next song is over, the turntable starts, the moment is perfect, and I think, "Who'd a thought God was such a good DJ too?"
He is something else to do a show with.

I do believe God has a sense of humor. He needs one when you think of how we get things mixed up. We just need to love Him and each other. This is easy but at the same time very hard.

Making fun of Him is not good. But many artists use this words and it works.