Hélène GrimaudThe French pianist Hélène Grimaud describes herself as an agitated and unpredictable child who found her salvation in music. And, now, as an adult, it’s wolf conservation and their howling as “one of the most beautiful sounds in nature.”

This interview with Alexis Bloom for Sound Tracks is delightfully produced and touches on a number of interesting other subjects in Grimaud’s life, including her synesthesia and the golden tones of Liszt’s sonata.

And, if, like me, you’d like to hear what Liszt’s Sonata in B minor, what she calls “a monumental quest,” sounds like, take four minutes and watch Grimaud perform this excerpt at Steinway Hall in New York. It’s pretty magical.

(Thanks nhpublictv!)

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I was fortunate enough to see Ms. Grimaud in person when she performed Brahms second piano concerto with the Baltimore Symphony. The fact that she has started a wolf conservation center adds another dimension to this extremely gifted human being. I would never have guessed this about her, so thank you OnBeing for the information. However, as I contemplate it, I am not surprised. The night I saw her perform, she took on Brahms with savage force.

I love Grimaud's playing and so enjoyed reading book she wrote on her life. It's wonderful to see this video. Thanks. Lydia Holsten