A couple of weeks ago we posted Grace Lee Boggs' first video in which she called on Occupy Wall Street participants to use this moment as a time for personal contemplation and reflection. Here is a follow-up video in which she challenges the 99% movement not to just "expose the enemy" but to become the solution by reinventing society, work, education, and culture.

We'll be interviewing her today at 1 p.m. Central for a public radio show to air in few weeks. If you want to participate and ask questions while we live-tweet, follow us at @Beingtweets.

(Big thanks to WDET's Mikel Ellcessor for the alert!)

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She is so fascinating -- I linked to her videos today on my own blog and thank you for the inspiration!

Grace is an inspiration, a true treasure and I think she's got it right about the OWM. Thank you Grace for your wise and insightful words. 

To OnBeing: When will the radio interview be on the air?

I'm not sure the movement is capable of doing that, Grace.  We certainly need reinvention, but most involved are only interested in getting back to the position where they had college degrees, jobs and stuff.

I suspect that there is no need or value in campaigning for these things - because they are not in the gift of anyone to give us.  Indeed, given that many of the 'values' we feel we've lost were won on the back of the poor (immediately around us and worldwide), it is not even obvious why we should have them.