When Trent and I were on site in October, the second-year students were hard at work building the “guest pod,” not to be confused with the student pods across the street behind Morissette House. As local lodging is a bit scarce, this structure is meant for visiting lecturers, faculty from the Auburn campus (2-3 hrs away), and other guests. They hope to have a total of seven pods built over the next couple of years.

In early November I had the pleasure of driving down to Florida with my dad and brother, Tom, who is an architect. I planned our trip to take us through the Rural Studio’s backyard so my bro could see the structures and meet some of the staff. The photo on the right shows how far the students got in just three weeks.

P. S. Over at the student pods we ran into Ed May, a second-year student from New York, and he gave us a brief tour. Among other things, he mentioned that his pod’s heater is broken and that he and his roommate can see their breath at night. Hopefully, the new guest pod’s heater fares a bit better… it gets pretty cold down there at night!

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