We see a lot of videos featuring the voice of the Dalai Lama, but there’s something special that gets me about this short film by director mojebory. The short film draws you in with the Dalai Lama talking about a person’s right to happiness and transitions to Max Richter's soulful mix of Dinah Washington’s “This Bitter Earth” underscoring more than five years of footage of people in ordinary, everyday scenes in Poland and Europe.

As the filmmaker says:

"I see a harmony in ordinary activities — joy and sadness at the same time. Everything around us is magical. When I take pictures or shots I look at the world through the eyes of a child… everything seems so interesting and unusual! I’m hungry, I want to grab everything!"

He has, and beautifully so!

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Beautiful way to start my day! Thank you! Yes - we all have the innate right to be happy, however we sometimes take that right for granted! or forget how easy it can be!

Lovely. Thanks much for sharing.

So very beautiful. So very.

The beauty of beauty - as it is for all! Touching and beautiful art, thanks!!!

I do not believe that I have ever watched a video that moved me like this one did. Thank you.


We forget the simple things,the exquisite beauty this world holds as it is juxtaposed by dark ,negative forces at work . Hold fast to the beauty. As George Harrison once said," Beware of Darkness" Strive to see the world through the eyes of a child! Do not give up on seeing the loveliness !

I was very moved by this video, but frustrated that I could not make out all the words of the Dalai Lama or of the song by Dinah Washington. Is there a transcript by any chance?

What a lovely and moving video. Thanks.

Lovely, sound and sight Oh how I wish I were a filmmaker...

Thought provoking and moving, calming yet energizing. I kept thinking "have I been kind? Am I kind? Did someone teach me to be kind?" I was taught to be ambitious, to compete, to excel...and I can see the many instances in which I'm quite certain that I missed the opportunity to be kind. Having met the Dalai Lami, I found this movie as much an epiphany as one feels in his presence.

i feel it in my soul. Thank you

This is a beautifully done film that inspires the soul, provokes thought, makes me weep, and calls us all to live a better life together.

Superb! A wonderful sabbath day reflection and inspiration.

This is a lovely video. Like George Will once said: It's extraordinary how extraordianry the ordinary person is.

amazing film,i was drawn in from the first sentence

film was shot in various places in Europe, not just in Poland.

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Thank you for this clarification.

Obviously without detracting from this lovely movie in any way, I will just point out that much (not all) of the footage actually shows street scenes in Portugal.

such is life !

...more than our right to happiness
is our gift to help others

Thank you for this beautiful film, highlighted by the Dalai Lama's wisdom and Dinah Washington's powerful song. Very inspirational on a Friday afternoon, Best, Mary

the filmmaker is right...the ordinary is extraordinary. a beautiful film.

Exquisite. Deeply moving. Tenderizing.
thank you for sharingWhat a privilege it is to be human in this universe.
Thank you for sharing. So much beauty .

This gentle heart is so very moved! your work is wonderful!
Thank you for sharing! and for touching the hearts of many....Jessi

A great combination that I would not have thought about, but I must admit Dinah Washington has brought me more bliss through the years than the Dalai Lama, so it's fitting.