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As we look back at the year coming to a close, we thank you for your engagement, your ideas, and your support through 12 months of innovation, and of change. We’ve embraced a new name for the program — and moments of discovery, insight, and learning. And we’ve brought them to you live, in many cases, from the Clinton Global Initiative to the TEDPrize@UN to this week’s show with chef Dan Barber at Congregation Beth-El Zedeck in Indianapolis.

These efforts are part of our long endeavor to meet you where you live and serve your interests and needs online. We take seriously our responsibility to give you the opportunity to participate in as many conversations as possible. That’s why our website has received the distinguished honor of winning two Webby Awards over the years — and why listeners download more than two million MP3s of our shows and multimedia extras each month. Our goal is to super-serve you.

This evolving media space aims to bring you moments that make something happen. Thich Nhat Hanh on the fruits of spiritual practice that grow in the messy muck of our real lives. Joanna Macy reading the brilliant poems of Rilke. Nicholas Kristof on journalism and the practice of compassion. Darius Rejali on the “contagion” of torture. Jean Vanier on the heart that opens in compassion.

Thank you for your genuine interest and engagement. And, as we embark on the next stage of this adventure, we ask you to support our work online with a gift. People who listen to public radio around the country typically give $60, $75, or $120 a year in support of the programs they listen to. Your gift at any of those levels would be great!

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