“Once God saw quantum mechanics, he smiled.”
—Thorsten Ritz, biophysicist

I highly recommend watching the stream of last night’s World Science Festival event “Quantum Biology and the Hidden Nature of Nature.” It’s rare that a moderator steals the show — especially when sharing the stage with the engaging, brilliant and distinguished minds of Paul Davies, Seth Lloyd, and Thorsten Ritz — but journalist John Hockenberry did it.

Through the insights of these three scientific guides, Hockenberry took the professed “QB” crowd on a fun journey through the “spooky” intersection of quantum mechanics and biology, exploring how it might explain bird migration, photosynthesis, and the delicate sense of smell. God only came up once, after Hockenberry abandoned a complicated question and said “Let’s forget all that. Is there a God?” Ritz replied, ”Once God saw quantum mechanics, he smiled.” I guarantee you’ll be both fascinated and entertained by this event, and perhaps you’ll wish, like me, that this is how you had been taught science in school.

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