I Am

Perhaps your readers will enjoy this graphic meditation on being that was inspired by the book I Am That by Sri Nisargadatta Majaraj.

Leland R. BeaumontLeland R. Beaumont is an electrical engineer and computer scientist who is constantly curious about how the world works.

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I LOVE this! Thank you for sharing! At first I resisted that my experiences, struggles, triumphs, etc shape who I am. But then I allowed it to penetrate deeper and I like how it points to the every changing nature of our "lives", but that which makes me, me, and animates my body, (and makes "us," humans,) is so much more eternal. And having the visual display of the moving words mimics the passing of time and experience, but the theme of the words (me and my nature) staying constant). I think my husband will enjoy it as well -- I'll be sharing this one! This post is "so onBeing." :-)