With fewer travel commitments in the coming months, we’ll have more time to set up interviews and produce programs. So, we’re currently pursuing a number of interesting voices, recording interviews, and producing shows with interviews we’ve recently completed. Which all means that in the coming weeks and months, you may be hearing shows on:

  • the resurgence of Humanism
  • the state of the Catholic Church
  • the ethics of international law and the torture issue
  • the sustainability of languages
  • a biographical program on Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel
  • a round-table discussion with several prominent Evangelical Christians on how their political engagement has changed since the last election

A lot can change during the production process, but we are working on getting these shows on the air and on the Web. Just a little sneak peek at what’s cooking.

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Fascinating topics! I'm particularly hopeful for shows on Heschel and on languages.

That said, I'm growing just a little weary of hearing about the changing role of Evangelicals in the political process--and I'm (more or less) an Evangelical! I'm glad for the changes that are taking place, but I suppose I just wonder if we yet have the distance from these changes truly to understand their significance. (Round-table type discussions on any topic, however, would be really interesting to hear.)

Allyson, I couldn't agree with you more on many counts. The Heschel program has been in the works for a couple of years now. It's part of a larger biographical series funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities in which we've produced shows on Reinhold Niebuhr, Aimee Semple McPherson, Rumi, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin. I've recently begun reading the first of Kaplan's biographies about him and am wondering what type online treatment might be compelling and tad different than what I've seen out there. I'm taking suggestions...?

I'm not an Evangelical, but I was experiencing a certain sense of fatigue too. Fortunately, I was at the conference and able to film the conversation Krista had with Colson, Boyd, and Claiborne. Hearing three generations talk respectfully -- sometimes diametrically opposed, other times in surprising agreement -- on the same stage delivered some grist and a sense of complexity taking place within the larger community. I'm looking forward to hearing the produced produced program, and stay on the lookout for the video.

Trent Gilliss
Online Editor, SOF

We've done quite a few shows on Evangelicals in recent months, from Jim Wallis and Rick & Kay Warren, Cal DeWitt, Douglas Johnston, to Steven Waldman talking about early Evangelicals, and this upcoming show as well. And we've had Islam nicely represented as well recently: Rumi, Ingrid Mattson, Ed Husain, and the No More Taking Sides show. So I'm kind of jazzed about that languages idea, and my own little side project...

Shiraz Janjua
Associate Producer, SoF

The shows in the biographical series you mentioned, Trent, are among my favorite shows you've done. I constantly refer people to the show on Niebuhr and the excellent set of online resources you put together. Wonderful job!

Regarding Heschel, I'm not aware of many online resources, but I'm sure you've already spoken with his daughter Susannah, who is at Dartmouth. I heard her speak last year and she is wonderful.

Your description of the Evangelical round-table has me intrigued in spite of the bit of fatigue I mentioned earlier. Looking forward to it!

I was raised Roman Catholic & am in the process of converting to Reform Judaism. Would love to hear a show on Heschel & his "architecture of holiness."