The Brooklyn Public Library is currently featuring "Diversity of Devotion" — a photo documentary project depicting 27 religions practiced within the five boroughs of New York City. Stephanie Keith, whose photos we featured in a narrated slideshow for our program "Living Vodou", is one of the 36 contributing photographers.

The project "…was conceived as a response to global religious tensions which intensified in the wake of 9/11. Professional and amateur photographers from around the world volunteered to explore New York City's richly variegated spiritual life and discover how diversity in belief and practice enriches our own individual experience… Our project aims to remind us all how fortunate we are to live in a city where myriad beliefs coexist in peace and tolerance; we can connect to others and share comfort, sadness, hope and joy as we walk our unique spiritual paths."

Here's a few examples of photos from the Brooklyn exhibit:

Chinese Yeshiva Student (photo: Jenny Jozwiak)

Woman Singing Praise (photo: Melanie Einzig)

Imam Bayran at Masjid Taqwa (photo: Omar Mullick)

Spiritual Healing (photo:Tammy Meadows)

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Wonderful photos. Thanks for the links.

These diverse cultural images resonate within our beings t.he essence of our shared humanity and have a way of unveiling the spirit of love within each of us. Seeing with our hearts without the chatter of our minds and words, enable us to embrace one another in true reality, leaving behind the world of illusions created by the ego mind and eyes. Diversity of Devotion captures the meaning of "Sacred Relationship", the honoring of all life as being one. The energy of the world is awaiting its awakening through the spiritual expression of love's light captured in these artistic photographs.

These images show how people are religious. I hope one day other people will be more religious in some ways.