In "Alive Enough?" the director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, Sherry Turkle, cautions that technology is not alienating in and of itself, but that we must mature as our ever-expanding relationship with technology grows. And, she says, we can and must lead examined lives with our digital objects — actively shaping technology to human purposes.

Well, at this year's World Science Festival, some of the pioneers (including Vint Cerf) of these disruptive technologies examine "the Internet’s brief but explosive history and reveal nascent projects that will shortly reinvent how we interact with technology — and each other." And they give us a view of what technologies and interactions are in our future.

The live webcast starts at 1pm Eastern. Our producer is there and will be live-tweeting this panel of dynamic thinkers from NYU's Skirball Center. Watch the live video stream with us and let us know if there's anybody you'd like us to interview for On Being.

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