Most of the interviews Krista does with her guests are remote interviews, meaning that we’re here in our studios while our guest is in another studio in another city. We connect through the magic of technology using a broadcast-quality line. From Studio P at American Public Media, Krista interviews Steve Waldman, founder of Beliefnet, on some of the themes in his new book, Founding Faith. We’re hoping to get this show turned around pretty quick because of a trip to San Diego some of the gang is embarking upon next week. More to come about that later.

Here’s Krista cozying up to the microphone. She usually listens to her guest with her eyes closed—no distractions.

American Public Media engineer extraordinaire Josh checks the mixing board as Krista and Steve Waldman chit-chat before the interview.

Rob (left) is about to give away the ending of Deadwood, Season 1, to Mitch, who says, “La la la, I can’t hear you!” Colleen is clearly sad about coming to the end of The Sopranos. The back of Josh’s head is lustrous! All this as we wait for technicians on the other end of the line to finish their setup.

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I found it interesting that Krista closes her eyes when interviewing remotely. I usually listen to SOF with my eyes closed. For those of us with intact vision it helps us to listen with full attention. With no visual clues from the other person, it is easy to be distracted by visual "noise." This is probably a result of evolution; humans are very attentive to visual clues from the environment.

I think you must have read Krista's mind, MamaBeth! She often says the exact same things about full attention, visual cues, and noise. I often used to listen to the show, before I joined it, in bed with the lights out.

I really enjoy these kinds of "behind the scenes" peeks! I already feel like I know so many of you, and this just deepens the connection.