Fatmeh and YousefFatmeh, an Arab Palestinian resident of Barta’a, Israel.

Fatmeh, who was born in the West Bank, and her husband Yousef, an Arab born in Israel, are unable to visit her family who live minutes away on the other side of the separation wall, reports USC’s Christin Davis. They married before Israeli law disallowed Palestinians born in the West Bank from freely living and moving about inside the state of Israel and outside lands ruled by the Palestinian Authority. In order to stay with her husband, Fatmeh must go through the “grueling process” of reapplying for temporary identification every year since she cannot become a citizen of Israel.

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The separation wall has greatly reduced the incidence of Palestinian terrorist attacks within Israel.

Perhaps one day, when the Palestinians are able to control their violent extremists, that wall will come down and better relations will be the rule.