What does Justin Timberlake and On Being have in common? Jessica Biel follows both of us on Twitter. And it gets better. She’s been on Twitter since May 7th and follows four people — one being her fiance.

Well, how did us culture hounds discover this, you ask? Well, Ely, Minnesota’s (at least she was born there…) very own Jessica Biel retweeted us:

“RT This week’s show (“The Last Quiet Places”) is an escapist’s dream, an absolutely immersive experience: http://bit.ly/KOssdO #pubmedia”

Even better, she offers up not only this pleasing endorsement:

“Check out NPR’s On Being podcast. Endlessly interesting.”

And then corrects herself and gives our distributor some love too:

“Oops! I meant APM’s On Being podcast. Still getting used to this twitter thing…”

A needed reprieve after a grueling week of production that put smiles on all our faces. Yes, we get starstruck too!

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