On August 10, 2010, Krista Tippett interviewed Australian Judy Atkinson, an expert in violence, trauma/healing, and aboriginal people. The following is the complete Twitterscript from that interview.

  1. Krista is starting to interview Australian Judy Atkinson, an expert in violence, trauma and healing, and aboriginals.
  2. Judy Atkinson talks about her history-the story of the Hornet Bank massacre, one of many in Australia during colonization http://is.gd/ecaKr
  3. “A symptom of trauma is to act out — what’s gotten into the deepest part of the soul has to come out again.” — Judy Atkinson
  4. “The middle of the cyclone feels safe, but it’s still moving. You have to decide to move through it to come out the other side.”
  5. “Cultural art/dance is about taking the pain of human existence and recycling it so when we emerge we become strong…” — Judy Atkinson
  6. “As I think and talk to you I’m creating a future. If I talk to you with anger, distress…then I take that into my future.” — Judy Atkinson
  7. Judy Atkinson speaks of discovering Dadirri - Aboriginal deep listening, awareness, and contemplation. http://is.gd/eccs8
  8. “We have to be able to put our hands out to each other, sit with each other, and not push away the stories that need to be told.” — Judy Atkinson
  9. “Respond when a person asks for help because that’s the best time you can help a person or community.” — Judy Atkinson on helping others
  10. “The more we listen to each other with real intent, the more we understand the richness in our souls that we can share with others.” — Judy Atkinson
  11. “It’s from the depths of our pain that we grow — it’s not when everything’s fine and hunky-dory.” — Judy Atkinson on sitting with pain
  12. “As we make sense of our [pain] stories, the stories change and we transcend them.” — Judy Atkinson

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