From the Back of the ChurchMe again, with another update on the many adventures of Krista Tippett this month. Last week, Krista traveled to Chicago for a live event at Fourth Presbyterian Church. Here, the tables were turned as Interfaith Youth Core’s Eboo Patel asked Krista questions about the program and about religious religion and ethics in our time. Our events coordinator and her daughter sat at their kitchen table in Minneapolis listening to the online stream provided by our station partner, WBEZ, and wrote the next day:

“Wow…My daughter and I were the listeners at the kitchen table Eboo described, and we loved every minute of it….This broadcast was good radio. Highlights: hearing a city’s sirens in the background during Adam’s intro, really feeling the audience’s attentiveness, Eboo mentioning Wilco, and quoting Tony Campolo, who is quoting Huck Finn about being right in the heart vs. right in the head, Krista’s senstive answer to the Fort Hood question, Krista’s explanation of verse plucking, spiritual technologies and the body, Eboo praising Speaking of Faith as creating a ‘community of discourse.’ Great interview, great Q&A….”

We’re pleased to bring you the audio of that event for your kitchen table (or podcast while you workout) listening. And, for those of you who prefer a Twitter recap, direct from our managing producer, who attended in person:

  1. Krista and Kate are in Chi-town for event—7PM, Monday, 4th Church, w/Eboo Patel. Come! Windy here. Oh yeah. The Windy City. KM
    8:38 PM Nov 15th
  2. @Lthemick V. Funny. Spell check is dangerous.
    9:06 PM Nov 15th in reply to Lthemick
  3. Krista w/Eboo, speaking with staff at Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago. Tonight’s event is at 7 at 4th Church. Come!
    10:47 AM Nov 16th
  4. 4th Presbyterian Church, Chicago.
    4:16 PM Nov 16th
  5. We’re told to plan on a potential crowd of 800 tonight in downtown Chicago. Can’t be here? Join us online. 7 PM CST: http:/
    4:43 PM Nov 16th
  6. OK, try that link again. Trent has the B Team on location tonight, poor guy. 7PM Chicago time. Krista & Eboo.
    4:48 PM Nov 16th
  7. @katemoos (my lovely boss) is still gettin’ the hang of this Internet thing-a-mabob. Here’s the link to the live audio:
    5:23 PM Nov 16th
  8. BTW, Krista’s live conversation in Chicago with Eboo Patel starts at 7 pm Central tonight:
    5:28 PM Nov 16th
  9. John Buchanan welcomes the assembled to 4th Church.
    6:04 PM Nov 16th
  10. For those listening to live stream, send in your questions and I’ll be glad to include some!
    6:08 PM Nov 16th
  11. The church is packed. 700? Maybe 800!
    6:11 PM Nov 16th
  12. Krista says when she left home for school, there was no space for religion in her new context. She became involved in geopolitics. Berlin.
    6:12 PM Nov 16th
  13. Breaking: Eboo & Krista were both born on the day the Berlin Wall fell. November 9. Wow.
    6:14 PM Nov 16th
  14. KT: If I was going to be religious again I was going to have to be able to bring my mind to it.
    6:17 PM Nov 16th
  15. KT cites Bonhoeffer: “Religionless Christianity.” The church had become so corrupted. People are rediscovering virtue and taking it back.
    6:19 PM Nov 16th
  16. Eboo: who made a difference in the 20th century? People of faith. Gandhi. Dorothy Day. Martin Luther King.
    6:20 PM Nov 16th
  17. I felt public radio was smart about everything else but religion was a black hole.—KT
    6:23 PM Nov 16th
  18. Because it was so important and because journalism had gotten religion so wrong we had to work that much harder to get it right.-KT
    6:25 PM Nov 16th
  19. Eboo: Talk about speaking of faith as an act if theology.
    6:25 PM Nov 16th
  20. KT: No one can be a Niebuhr in our age. Speaking of Faith goes beyond religion. It may be scientists. Police. How do we hold the sacred.
    6:28 PM Nov 16th
  21. Eboo cites Wilco: Theologians, they don’t know nothing ‘bout my soul.
    6:29 PM Nov 16th
  22. Eboo: if there is a countercultural media figure it is you. SoF does’t do news stories.
    6:34 PM Nov 16th
  23. Webers to let the initial outrage of the news work itself out. Then we circle back.
    6:36 PM Nov 16th
  24. KT: we covered the issue of torture. But we had to find out how to get at it. Not the question, does it work? We found the voice.
    6:38 PM Nov 16th
  25. KT: when monks in Burma marched, we found Ingrid Jordt. And ineeded to know what that meant. 6:39 PM Nov 16th
  26. Sorry for the slow down. Listener questions up next.
    6:54 PM Nov 16th
  27. Eboo asked about Fort Hood. Krista says we can only approach that event with deep perspective. Be appalled at violence and grieve.
    6:58 PM Nov 16th
  28. Eboo what is the sow doing for your grandpa’s mind?
    7:00 PM Nov 16th
  29. Eboo: science And religion? Krista I have a book out in March, Einsteins God…
    7:04 PM Nov 16th
  30. From theback of the church.
    7:08 PM Nov 16th
  31. Does amateur theology water it down? KT says it can. But many great thinkers may be unaffiliated with tradition.
    7:10 PM Nov 16th
  32. There is spiritual but not religious but for many it is fluid.
    7:12 PM Nov 16th
  33. Why do we need a God? We turn to at only certain times? KT: this is true.But. We also rarely choose to stand in the presence of frailty.
    7:14 PM Nov 16th
  34. KT: I look at it both ways. I’mfascinated by the vastly different vocabularies.
    7:15 PM Nov 16th
  35. How do we not demonize the other in our own tradition?
    7:15 PM Nov 16th
  36. KT: That’s hard. It’s harder to be compassionTe to your cousin who disagrees about abortion or gay marriage.
    7:17 PM Nov 16th
  37. People make breakthroughs when they humanize their interaction.
    7:18 PM Nov 16th
  38. Oh boy. That was unexpected.
    7:21 PM Nov 16th
  39. Does this work lead you to hope or despair?
    7:28 PM Nov 16th
  40. Kt: we are bombarded by images and violence. I want to shine a light on widom, voices that are nourishing. Ian looking for hope.
    7:29 PM Nov 16th
  41. But it requires you to look.
    7:30 PM Nov 16th
  42. Even with our resouces I have no idea that something is happening that might bring hope.
    7:31 PM Nov 16th
  43. Eboo: you have created a club of “lookers for hope,” Thanyou!
    7:32 PM Nov 16th
  44. Debrief. Yay! Thanks!
    7:53 PM Nov 16th
  45. @evaottesmith We’d love to come. Someday!
    10:26 PM Nov 16th in reply to evaottesmith
  46. @HeyToepfer Not sure yet. Chicago Public Radio was recording. I’ll (@trentgilliss) get the details + let everyonee when it’s ready.
    5:48 AM Nov 17th in reply to HeyToepfer
  47. @akdennis Our managing producer was live-tweeting from Chicago in which Eboo Patel was interviewing Krista: Sorry.
    9:51 AM Nov 17th
  48. Leaving Chicago. Krista reading Agatha Christie. Thank you every body!!
    3:05 PM Nov 17th

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