Who doesn’t love the New York Public Library, and what’s not to love? Every time I’m there I think of the great literary figures who idled away hours there among the stacks, or sat reading the newspaper waiting for the muse to strike.

Krista will be appearing at the New York Public Library with Stuart Brown, in a conversation hosted by a wonderful gentleman-scholar and bon vivant Paul Holdengraber. Stuart Brown was the guest of one of our favorite recent shows, Play, Spirit, and Character. He founded the National Institute for Play, and he quite seriously proposes that we all need “purposeless activity” in order to develop as healthy mammals and human beings. He and Krista, under Paul’s guidance, will have a rousing and playful conversation!

Krista’s new book, Speaking of Faith: Why Religion Matters and How to Talk about It, will be out and that’s the occasion for the trip. The event itself is January 29th at 7 PM, and it’s the Humanities and Literature library on 42nd Street — yes the one with the beautiful lions out front.

You can get tickets in advance from Smarttix (212-868-4444 or www.smartix.com)  The box office opens the evening of the event at 5pm.   The door will be open at 6:15.  


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