Day 23: the self doubt is crippling“The self doubt is crippling.” (photo: Meredith Farmer/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The Pushcart-nominated poet Yahia Lababidi wrote us this lovely note: “I’m a big admirer of your noble mandate and the fine work that you do. Kindly find two poems below from my new collection: Fever Dreams.”

Here’s the first of those two poems from the Egyptian writer, “Learning to Pray” — a lovely meditation on living life charitably and with intention:

"Fever Dreams" by Yahia LababidiLong susceptible to the pious heresies, 
of mystics, martyrs and other fanatics 
mad enough to confound themselves 
with God, and declare it free of ego

Those spiritually reckless creatures 
contemptuous of all rule books, 
traffic signs and speeding tickets 
in such a hurry were they to arrive

No social drinkers, these revelers 
they drank to get drunk, alone 
that they might stay that way 
sobriety being the only sin…

But what of us without stamina 
for such superhuman attention 
or the patience to stand in line 
inching towards the checkout

Might we forge our own language 
(until we can speak in tongues) 
by asking of our every action 
does this, or that, please You?

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What a lovely and pointed poem. I enjoy the imagery of "the reckless creatures" as reckless drivers. The ending note of quiet appeal to a kind of mindfulness rings very true.