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Brain MusicTime for a few aural calisthenics. We’ve gotten some great feedback from our audience in the past when we’ve posted about music, so it seemed fitting to bring this question to your ears. We’re still settling into our new name, Being, and as part of this evolution, we’re working with a composer to develop new theme music for the program.

We’ve gone through many iterations already and as we near the final theme, we thought it would be fun to hear from you. If you clicked on the player above, you probably recognized our existing theme. Below are three versions of the new theme we are working on. They are in slightly rough form as we’re still playing around with melodies and instrumentation. I’ve laid in Krista’s voice over portions of each since that is primarily how they will be heard. Turn up your headphones and let us know what you think.

Being Theme with Cello.
The first features a cello in the lead. Does this fit with the wide range of voices heard on our show? What if an acoustic guitar was the instrument out front? As you listen to this one, you’ll notice that the backing tracks like percussion and rhythm guitar are the same as the previous, but the instrument that carries the melody has changed.

Being Theme with Guitar.
Too folksy for you (or maybe not enough)? What if an electric guitar playing in a jazz style was featured? It’s a pretty similar melody to the acoustic version, but the tonality of the guitar gives it quite a different feel.

Being Theme with Electric Guitar.
Do you have a favorite? Does the instrumentation affect how you hear Krista’s voice? Or maybe you wish we would leave the theme alone? Curious to hear what you think.

Image courtesy of the Laboratory for Computational Neuroscience, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

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I like the original theme better; perhaps you can add a flute to that original introduction.

I listened to each of the "new" possibilities more then once...and really don't find them pleasing...they seem to fight against Krista's voice. I hope you leave the theme alone.

The new theme with cello.

Love the change. One vote for Cello.