Lord Jonathan Sacks at the Symposium on Spiritual ProgressLord Jonathan Sacks responds during a session at the Symposium on Spiritual Progress in Philadelphia. (Photo by Simon Oosthuizen)

On October 15-17, the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey held an international symposium to foster interdisciplinary dialogue on spiritual progress. The forum was an invitation-only event that brought the insights of major thinkers, which included Lord Jonathan Sacks, Marilynne Robinson, and Robert Bellah. The forum was chaired by Will Storrar and attended by our very own, Krista Tippett, at Benjamin Franklin Hall of the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia.

In presenting his work on The Great Partnership, the Chief Rabbi (who was featured in our show "The Dignity of Difference") spoke about the evolving role of neuroscience in our understanding of ritual. He says that science can tell us that the plasticity of our brains should lead us into a whole new study about "deep practice" and developing attributes such as gratitude:

The complete audio of this symposium will appear on the Center of Theological Inquiry's website later this year.

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So timely, in every sense of the word, and so inclusive. Thank you.