It is possible that Meredith Monk is not entirely of this world, but I am very glad that she is visiting us on earth. She and the visual artist Ann Hamilton have collaborated to create a riveting and beautiful performance at the Walker Art Center entitled “Songs of Ascension,” which opens tonight and runs through Saturday.

I was able to attend the dress rehearsal last night, curious to know whether this might be a show for us, and indeed the haunting vocal acrobatics and evocative use of film create a compelling sensation of the soul in movment — I would say, “spiritual propulsion,” if it made any sense.

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Meredith Monk is a National Treasure.

I read an interview with Meredith Monk in a book of interviews with 20th century composers. She never came off as following an minimalist trend or anything of that sort. The opportunity to see/ hear the world through her eyes I think would be a very exciting show.

John, do you recall that title of that book? I heard a delightful interview pairing Monk with Bjork at http://www.counterstreamradio.... and their friendship. I'd like to learn more about her history.