Our first stop on Wednesday was the Saint Luke’s Church project in Cahawba (see Trent’s post below for more info). The second-year RS students are busy trying to resurrect this church in its new/old location, back in Alabama’s first capitol, Cahawba. Originally built in the 1850’s, the church was moved around 1870 to Martin Station because Cahawba happened to be a large flood plain, situated right next to the Cahawba River. Phase I consisted of dismantling the entire church, cataloging every piece right down to each board in the floor. This semester’s work is phase II of the project: reassembly. This seems like a puzzle far worse than assembling any piece of Ikea furniture.

We caught up with some of the student’s having lunch at a riverside park, which happened to also be ~40 feet away from the church’s original site. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees reminded me of the year I spent in Valdosta, GA as a kid. When we first drove into GA I thought the stuff was alive, like a sloth or something. It is kinda eerie, but it is very beautiful and pretty cool to see it again…

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