—NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, in his letter to Ben Roethlisberger, quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Goodell handed “Big Ben” a six-game suspension in his most recent action against a player violating the National Football League’s personal conduct policy. Goodell called it “early-intervention.”

Is he raising the ethical bar for professional athletes?

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I'd say ratherthat Goodell in announcing NEW values for the league, values more aligned, presumably, with those of the fans. Barbaric and boorish behavior has been a staple of profession sports news for quite a while. Generally, the NFL has wagged its finger, shrugged, and walked away from the podium -- not much of a value statement to me. I just hope the new values hold in the NFL and spread to other leagues and all their franchises. We'll see. These values are going to cost people some real money, and I'm guessing that money is still the highest value.