Nicholas KristofOn September 3, 2010, Krista interviewed New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for our show “Journalism and Compassion.” Following is the complete behind-the-glass Twitterscript of that conversation:

  1. Krista is interviewing NYT writer Nicholas Kristof right now: We’ll be live tweeting for the next 90 mins.
  2. “Some of the biggest human rights issues have to do with society rather than with governments.”
  3. “People connect with stories that are positive and triumphant…People are turned off by unremitting despair.”
  4. Kristof on one of the counter-intuitive things he’s learned as a reporter: “…it turns out that victims lie, just as perpetrators lie.”
  5. “I want to understand what it is that drives some people to butcher children…what makes them tick.” — Nicholas Kristof on perpetrators
  6. “You can’t begin to address other human needs until you address security.” @NickKristof on what makes a difference in humanitarian crisis.
  7. “Helping people is a lot harder than it looks.”
  8. “Right now our views of Islam are so much shaped by its most venal elements.”
  9. “Tradeoffs are part of the human condition. We have to struggle and search for answers.” @NickKristof on the ideas of Isaiah Berlin.
  10. “Any kind of encounter with mortality…makes you conscious about what your own legacy will be.” @NickKristof on the death of his father.
  11. “Dad, all my friends go to vacation in France and Italy. Can’t we just go to a beach?” @NickKristof quoting his 12-year-old daughter.
  12. “As parents we not only want to read bedtime stores to our kids but we also want to model empathy, compassion, and engagement.”
  13. “For all of human history…people have lived in poverty. In this century we have the capacity to end extreme poverty.”

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