We called out for your suggestions for the five-word acceptance speech at the Webby Awards. We received hundreds of suggestions on the blog and via e-mail. I had a few favorites — some slightly brash (“Two are better than one.”), others literate (“Our barbaric yawp was heard.”), and a few wise ones (“Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens”).

In the end, I was challenged by a trusted friend to practice what I preach to Krista and our staff: disclose and reveal. The Webbys are a tad irreverent, and, being a bit of a showman who aims to please the crowd, I opted for a humorous, somewhat ironic five words — knowing the sequencing progression from our 2005 win helped.

To be honest, I became a tad anxious after I delivered it, worrying that Krista or some of you might take offense. Thankfully, she was gracious upon my return; hopefully you will be too. I’d love to hear your comments.

The video above was taken with a digital phone and uploaded directly to our Vimeo account. As you can see, our table was only 20-odd rounders to the right of Stephen Colbert, David Byrne, will.i.am, and other celebs. “Just a bit outside…” (to quote Bob Ueker in Major League).

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Not knowing too much about the Webbies...but since they are a tad irreverent and they would have to be to make you give a five word acceptance speech...this is a dead on. It is sarcastic, humorous, self-deprecating and, it if were true, ironic. I thought it was brilliant!

Thanks Rev!

Brilliant. It makes one ask questions about a/ you b/ the show and c/ the nature of religious discussion.
Well done to all at SOF - I hope the celebrations were mighty.

It may be difficult to go deep in my shallow pool. *grin* Seriously, though, it's the beauty of working on this show -- a curious mind gets to wander and learn from so many wise, thoughtful guests and listeners. It's hard not to appreciate the wonder of it all.

"Not bad for an athiest." Oh, totally sweet and perfectly SOF!

Duanalla, you nailed it.

Right on rev.J!, I agree and hearty congratulations to all on a reward well deserved!

Right on rev.J!, I agree and hearty congratulations to all on a reward well deserved!

Count me as one who loves it. Makes me want to know more about Trent Gillis. In fact, at breakfast, my husband and I were agreeing that we'd love a piece/program/something about how On Being gets put together. A kind of "who does what." Anyway, congrats on the Webby and an acceptance speech that woke up the audience, I imagine!

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Cam, each week's show truly is a team effort. All producers and editors wear many different hats. And, of course, Krista is a dynamic thinker who is as much of a producer as she is a host. For this week's show with Lawrence Krauss, you might be interested in this article I just posted on how he came to On Being.

The fact that Speaking of Faith has become On Being and now features many prominent Atheists may indicate more meaning than was intended in the video. Logging here that I miss the old SoF. Try to get all the Templeton winners on before they die, for example. Anyway, thanks for all your work that had to go in to winning!

I confess to gut response of disappointment. Upon reflection the words of poet Christian Wiman echoed in my mind; to paraphrase: if we claim some are called to belief then we must acknowledge some are called to unbelief. I did enjoy the irony and commend your courage.