On Joy: Tagore's Sense Is It's Everywhere

Monday, July 14, 2014 - 6:02am

On Joy: Tagore's Sense Is It's Everywhere

"Joy is everywhere; it is in the earth’s green covering of grass; in the blue serenity of the sky; in the reckless exuberance of spring; in the severe abstinence of grey winter; in the living flesh that animates our bodily frame; in the perfect poise of the human figure, noble and upright; in living; in the exercise of all our powers; in the acquisition of knowledge; in fighting evils; in dying for gains we never can share. Joy is there everywhere."

—Rabindranath Tagore, from Sadhana: The Realisation of Life


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Mariah Helgeson

is a digital editor at On Being. She earned a degree in International Affairs with concentrations in the Middle East and Conflict Resolution from George Washington University. She grew up in Minnesota and was a program associate at the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network. When she’s not submerged in a good book she might be found laughing with her teenage sisters or playing chamber music.

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When I taught high school world literature, I would use Tagore's works for quotes of the day on the blackboard and on the class website.

Trent Gilliss's picture

Were there any quotes, in particular, that resonated with your students?

Those nuns are definitely joyous; however, it looks like they're throwing a water balloon at the camera, rather than playing basketball!!
All the more reason to choose this photo!