As I wrote yesterday, Krista and crew went gung-ho on the audio clips from TV series for this week’s show. We included a good number of clips and I thought that would suffice. So, as I was editing Krista’s journal for this week’s newsletter, I find her enthusiasm hasn’t yet waned, as she has promised her devoted readers that they could listen to the Battlestar Galactica clip selected to open the top of the program.

Here I, with Nancy’s help, have isolated, encoded, and uploaded an mp3 for your ears. It’s quite compelling, and I’m glad Krista made the offer.

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Seriously, this clip was supposed to reduce the "cheese factor" of BG? It seems to me to be more theology trite. Such philosophy renders meaningless the ultimate questions that will not cease to be asked: is there a God and has that God communicated to us? If so, how or through whom? If, for example, Jesus of Nazareth really was raised from the dead and his recorded words, "I came that they may have life eternal," are true - then, indeed, this renders such comments by this character nonsense and even dangerous. Even aside from those matters, the BG philosophy being espoused has far reaching and relativistic consequences few, if any, are willing to face.

Discussions about relativism and absolutes as it's lived through moral and ethical decisions informed by one's own spirituality/religion/tradition are provocative. That this clip serves as an entry point to thinking and talking about the consequences you mention has merit.

As for the "cheese factor," I really enjoy thinking about existential questions and how I not only differentiate myself as a human being, but how I become a better person. This actuality from BSG just helps me wrestle with that "mortality" a bit differently and recalls some of the resonance — and dissonance — in my love affair with Camus during my college years. And, as far as entertainment, what's wrong with a little cheese?! It's science fiction! *grin*