Our Intern Goes Under The Hood (Video)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014 - 6:55am

Our Intern Goes Under The Hood (Video)

Four months at On Being and my time as an intern has come to an end. I’ve tried to soak in as much of this world as I could. From our senior producer Lily Percy teaching me the basics of audio editing on Pro Tools, to executive editor Trent Gilliss and host Krista Tippett name-dropping brilliant academics that I would have to write down and look up later. On Being has been an oasis of knowledge and peace for me over these past four months.

Turning a camera on the staff, I tried to capture a piece of this world, which I now realize was a lofty goal. But I hope the video gives a taste of the enormous amount of work that goes into every show and the beautiful people behind it. I'll never forget how excited I was on my first day to learn that Krista is just as much of a TV addict as I am, if not more. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be an intern here.


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Joshua Rae

was a production intern at On Being. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and Religious Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has worked at Wisconsin Public Television and volunteered with the AmeriCorps Hands On Tech program.

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I'm so glad to see that you captured all the beautiful smiles of On Being! The radiant energy of the staff and dedication to every intricate detail of production is something I greatly cherished from my internship experience as well. Thank you Josh, this is a great video.

Thank you for sharing the beautiful faces of On Being. Every week my world and heart expands in response to the wise insights and ideas expressed on your show and for that experience I am so grateful.

Nice job, Josh! I appreciated the piece you did ~ and that you are a student intern makes it even more special. Great capture. You have a bright future in the field.

Beautiful studio and incredible staff. Love the view of St.Mary's from the window, Seeing the clip of the process really makes one appreciate all the care that places On Being in a league of it's own . Bravo!

Thank you Josh. Over my many years in business I have come to believe that Interns Rule! Thank you for showing me how my favorite program is created. I am inspired to create one of my own.

Thank you so much for coming up with this "interview" and quick summation of how it's done. I listen to both the unedited and produced versions via podcast and have always wondered who the staff are that make it happen! I never leave the movie theater until the last of the credits rolls; this was a similar experience!

I love this little capsule of the whole process, Joshua. What a good thing to do! As a long-time avid listener, I appreciate feeling that I know the process and the people involved. I can then imagine them as I listen. By the way I often listen to both the edited and unedited versions. Krista, you are a master!

Great job. It is so nice to see the faces behind such a wonderful production. I guess I take all those talented people and the process all for granted as I listen to On Being. Thanks Josh.

thank you so much the video of the on being world was awesome.