John Paul Lederach is a peacebuilder who has worked on five continents and in over 25 countries. He travels four to five months a year, but he carved out a couple hours to visit with Krista. His interview is featured in "The Art of Peace" this week.

While traveling in Europe and in between flights, he forwarded a handful of photographs of his peacebuilding efforts in Ghana, Nepal, and the Philippines. His daughter Angie, who worked with former child soldiers in West Africa, provided several more images, including the one above of war-affected girls from a skills building program in Sierra Leone. We thought we'd share some of them with you:

Community conflict process meeting in Kanchanpur, Nepal - John Paul Lederach (photo: Chup Thapa from the Federation of Community Forest Users)

In the image above, a community process takes place in Kanchanpur, Nepal to deal with conflicts over land and natural resources use between several opposing groups including former slaves, landless "untouchables," conservationists, and government officials. John Paul Lederach describes this process in detail to Krista and says this photograph represents seven years of patient peacebuilding. People from all sides of the conflict participated and they used the metaphor of a Nepali soup called kwati to frame their work together. Kwati is made from nine different beans and, as Lederach explains, "every bean retains its flavor… but when they're brought together the nine beans create a flavor that's good for the whole. So there have to be some of us that also think about the good of the whole of the community."

John Paul Lederach in GhanaJohn Paul Lederach and his daughter Angie in Cape Coast, Ghana. (photo: George Wachira)

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Long Live Krista Tippet.
Parkinsons Disease afflicting Mrs. Lederach, and Arthur Zajonc (SOF 2 weeks ago).

After listening to the unedited conversation with John Lederach, I was reminded of perhaps one President Kennedy's most challenging and therefore still relevant speeches; his Commencement Address at American University in which he address the topic of peace making. If anyone is interested in reading or listening the link is: For me, each of our acts, however infinitesimal they are in themselves, are actually swept up into a complex dynamic of progress, decline, and redemption. John Lederach's whole life has no doubt extraordinary ripple affects which your podcast amplifies even more. Thank you.
Dick Ross