Put an astrobiologist and a mechanical engineer on the same stage and what do you get? One heck of an exciting conversation about how quantum physics realm holds sway and plays a pivotal role in our everyday experiences — in everything from bird navigation to our sense of smell.

We have a producer on the ground at the World Science Festival who will be live-tweeting the conversation with Paul Davies and Seth Lloyd from The Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. Watch the live video stream with us and share your takeaways from this panel, and if you'd like to hear one of them interviewed for On Being. The event starts at 8pm Eastern.

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is it possible quantum interacts with or even uses Dark matter so when plants take sun light and turns it into energy it has to capture this energy as efficient as Possible ..could dark matter play an important role in this process.? - and if it does' how will we know until we find out what dark matter or in fact dark energy is could dark energy play a role also? or is dark matter a part of another universe over lapping ours.' ...just a thought I,m no physicist so I have no idea but from listening to this talk it seems to me these things just might play some role in evolution.........? thank you for this documentary talk it was very interesting and exciting.*

what confuses me is we Learn about entropy in Nature that all things are Breaking down and Yet" as time go,s on Nature seems to be Healing itself from what we destroy and other disasters Like fires Volcanic eruptions ect, ect,- now if things are breaking down why or how can they be organizing itself back to perfection at the same time..?? as Nature always does I mean nature is always healing itself which is it beaking down or healing and or Organizing itself into something else' - Confused..*

Maybe time’s arrow needs ergodicity as well as entropy...