November 17th, 2011 ~ 4:30pm CT/5:30pm ET

Rosanne Cash live with Krista Tippett On BeingToday’s the day! We’re reclaiming Orchestra Hall in downtown Minneapolis again (recall our one-on-one with Bobby McFerrin?), but this time with singing and songwriting legend Rosanne Cash!

She’s lived a life, as she describes it, “circumscribed by music” and has given voice to her experiences through the lyrics and rhythms of her compositions — and of her musical ancestors. In a one-one-one, free-flowing conversation for 90 minutes, we’ll talk to her about the way she thinks about music and literature, life and spirituality.

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Listening to Ms. Cash talk about her creative process, about "catching songs" and the muse rewarding hard work, I was so struck by the echo of a fascinating segment in the "other" podcast in my life: WNYC's RadioLab. There's a fantastic 10 minute segment 29 minutes into the episode entitled "Help," as Liz Gilbert (the "Eat, Pray, Love" Liz Gilbert) recounts an interview she had with Tom Waits (who engages in direct dialog with his muses), her own similar (verbal!) dialogs with emerging works and then later the story behind Robert Frost's "Two Roads Diverged" poem. It is SO interesting to me to hear of such divergent artists expressing such similar experiences.

Here's the direct link to the referenced RadioLab episode:

The "Muse" has to kick me in the behind. I have never looked for it. I only write under inspiration.