Lauryn Hill at the Harmony Festival—NPR’s Zoe Chace, from her piece about pursuing and interviewing rapper and singer Lauryn Hill for NPR’s “50 Great Voices” series.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this analogy but have to appreciate the ability of Chace’s editor to bring biblical story into reflection on radio production. Take a listen to her report; I’d love to read your perspective. And, full disclosure here, I’m pretty jazzed about seeing Ms. Hill perform at First Avenue in Minneapolis this month.

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I now find myself wishing I read enough pop music criticism to nominate someone I disagree with to be one of Aaron's sons.
With somewhat less snark: images from biblical stories should not be locked up until Shabbat or for some otherwise solemn occasion. No one will mistake Lauryn Hill for the divine herself, and thus a profane use of a sacred image seems perfectly apt.

Sorry, I think this is a pretty ludicrous reach for an analogy.