I can’t afford — personally or production-wise — to be on the road much of the time. But Kate and I are on a thoroughly energizing, enjoyable trip right now. And there is something amazingly wonderful about getting out like this every once in a while and looking out, while I speak, at a room full of bodies and faces.

The radio program has grown so much in reach and carriage these past years, yet what we do doesn’t change much. We just keep trying to get better and better at our craft. We create these hours of radio and pages of web content, put them up on the Internet and satellite, and move on to the next topic.

We know from e-mails that people receive our work and use and apply it — those e-mails helps keep me going every day. But to actually be in a room full of listeners is a pleasure and affirmation at a different level. I love radio as an intimate and mysterious medium. Seeing our listeners, on the road, adds another layer of discovery and mystery for me.

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I'm listening right now to "Remembering Forward." It's an amazing program...the musicians are fabulous! I so wish I could come to a live event....are you going to be in Los Angeles any time soon? I'll be first in line!

I loved hearing the story of your grandfather and the snake again - it was one of my favorite parts of the book.

I must confess to being a Krista groupie ! I attended the NYC event - and last night was in Princeton.
Two very different experiences. There were some comments from the audience and challenges from the panel at Princeton which would cause one to pause and think, are you being too narrow ?
I would say to that - I believe Krista should continue to focus on what her vision of the program is, I call it her mission/calling. What I take away from all of the programs is what I can learn from others in how they let their belief system inform how they lead their lives. It is a valuable insight and expands my own experience. Thanks Krista and Kate and Trent and all the others - your work is valuable to at least one other person !

Thanks for everything you do & sharing your work with the world.