This weekend’s show provides a good lesson in the power (and simplicity) of demonstrating first and promoting later. As the graph above indicates, the delta of Twitter folks who started following @Beingtweets after we released “Investigating Healthy Minds with Richard Davidson” on June 23rd was significantly steeper than in previous weeks.

Part of the reason? We were live-tweeting Krista’s interview with Davidson (via ISDN) when we forwarded a question from Twitter to our host during the interview:

“I have a question from behind the glass. My producers were tweeting this behind the glass and someone asked on Twitter what the consequences of this practice can be for multitasking, this kind of way we live now.”

We make a painstaking effort each week in our radio/podcast script to share what we’re doing online, telling people where we exist outside of our website. We can message with fervor — and this is necessary, to a degree — but the greatest impact is when we demonstrate how we naturally integrate social media with our interviews and production.

When we show, telling isn’t necessary. Doing this is, in my opinion, the smartest, most genuine and considerate way of growing audience on our social media platforms, and therefore doesn’t come off as fabricated or artificial. What do you think? We’re always looking for advice.

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Very good! You get your show out from "behind the glass" by live tweeting, and offering useful content in a multitude of media. I came upon this post via my Facebook feed, for instance.