Sketchnotes for Interview with John Lewis+Enlarge image

Pace yourself. It's better to be a pilot light than a firecracker.

In the bosom of every human being, there is a spark of the divine.

Just love the hell out of everybody.

One can tease out a plethora of great one-liners of wisdom from our podcast with Congressman John Lewis. And so I was interested to see what sayings a person outside of the production process might hear. Who better to experiment with than Doug Neill, our resident sketchnote artist who highlighted the three lines above?

There were many more than were captured here though. What language or phrases spoke to you from the Lewis interview?

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I listened to this interview on a morning when I was struggling to stay positive regarding a circumstance in my life. What a gift! Nearly every other sentence became a metaphor that would stay with me. I was especially moved by "It's already done, now find a way to make it real." "When you pray, move your feet" reminded me to pair action with asking for help. I've plugged one phrase into my iCal to create a daily affirmation reminder. Thank you for this interview.
My husband and I traveled the Freedom Trail last year and will always cherish the trip. What an amazing experience that must have been to accompany Rev.Lewis on this pilgrimage!

I was struck by Congressman Lewis's practice of thinking of something he is working toward as if it is already happening. The trust that we are here in this life to just do our part. Show up and do what we can now. Living our soul's purpose in the here and now with lots of love. Peace.

"Love the hell out of everybody" is very similar to my dad's "Pray like hell." Thank you Congressman Lewis.

From his book, Across That Bridge and in the interview: "The civil rights movement, above all, was a work of love." Lewis shows the power of equanimity is key to nonviolence efforts moving for change.

I missed your podcast with the Congressman John Lewis and I was talking about the same to one my friends on the other day that I really had to listen to it. Posting about the same on your blog has given me the opportunity to listen to it. The sketch notes that you have provided is really interesting. Thank you!